By: Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

Last night’s Super Bowl was an awesome 5 hours of television. While the Baltimore Ravens may have received the coveted Lombardi trophy, Oreo was the big winner last night and here’s why: One thirty-second ad centered around a clever social media campaign earned the brand 32,000 new Instagram followers, and made the beloved cookie the talk of the Internet.

Oreo started teasing their Super Bowl ad on Facebook and Twitter a few days before the big game telling fans to follow @OREO on Instagram.






Not far into the first quarter, Oreo ran this cookie vs. creme whisper fight commercial with a quick call to action at the end telling fans to choose cookie or creme on Instagram.

Oreo 3


Just minutes after the commercial ran, Oreo’s Instagram went from just 2,200 to over 10,000 followers and broke 30,000 by the end of the game.

To add to their social media hype, Oreo tweeted a quick and clever response to the blackout in the 3rd quarter, which was retweeted over 14,000 times by the end of Sunday night.



Oreo’s Super Bowl success was more than just a funny commercial, it was well thought out campaign that captured the consumer’s interest and got them to engage. The key to social media for business is engaging your customers – inspire them to do the talking and you’ve got your customers doing the advertising for you!

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