Google AdWords has two networks for an advertiser to show ads on, the search network and the content network. In this blog entry I will discuss the placement targeted campaigns (formerly known as site-targeted campaigns) that appear on the content network. It is a common belief that the content network has low conversions, high impressions with low click through rates, and it burns through PPC budgets. This belief commonly stems from advertisers with experience advertising on the content network with their keyword based campaigns. Often advertisers choose this option for their keyword based campaigns and do not place any parameters on which websites their ads will display on (or not display).  The placement targeted campaigns allow advertisers to be selective on where their ads appear on the content network.

How to set up a Placement Targeted Campaign

  1. Log in to Google Adwords
  2. Go the campaign summary tab
  3. Select “create a new placement targeted campaign”
  4. From there you will need to name the campaign, name the first ad group, and select language and location targeting options
  5. Next you will create your first text ad
  6. Here is where it gets interesting; the next screen is where you search for the websites in the content network to advertise on. There are multiple ways to narrow down the websites:
    •  Browse predetermined categories
    •  Describe Topics (enter some broad keywords/topics)
    •  List URLs for specific websites you are interested in to see if they are part of the content network
    •  Narrow down websites by their targeted demographics
  7. When choosing websites, you can view the format of the ads available by website:
    • Text
    • Image
    • Video
  8. Each website also provides an estimated number of impressions the website receives daily
  9. Then you choose price option of either CPC (cost per click) or CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)
  10. You then set a daily budget and minimum bids


Once your new placement targeted campaign is all set up, what next? Test, test, test. Monitor your campaigns to see where you convert, which type of ad converted and make spend adjustments accordingly. You may consider broadening your selected sites and later narrowing them down by conversion rates.

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