Link building happens to be a very critical aspect to achieving a successful search engine optimization campaign and despite the frustrations it is a task that must be properly accomplished.

As defined, link building is the practice of acquiring relevant links from external websites to yours for the sole purpose of increasing the PageRank with the major search engines and assisting targeted traffic to your website.

Whether you have been link building for years or are just beginning on your link building journey; there are some important strategies that you should always keep in mind.

1. Determining Between Quantity and Quality

One might think that the more back links that you have to your website the higher your site’s PageRank will be. This is not always the case. As important as it is to obtain many external links it is even more important to make sure that the majority of those external links are of quality. Sometimes by acquiring just one solid quality link to your website can increase your PageRank faster than numerous smaller links that provide no quality at all.

2. Utilize Social Media

Social networks and blogs have become a very effective way to generate quality in-bound links.

• Setting up a fan page on Facebook or a profile on Twitter- these websites can not only provide you an outlet to interact with your customers and leads, it can also supply you many outside opportunities to add direct links back to your website.

• Encourage your fans and followers to converse about your company and re-post links to different areas of your site.

• Try contacting a blogger of your subject and request that they blog about your web content. By having the blogger blog about your website can assist in increasing targeting traffic to your site as well as provide a strong external link back to yours.

• Another way to utilize blogs for link building is by making a relevant comment on another’s blog posting and adding a link back to your site from the blog. Be sure that when utilizing this practice that you are commenting on a topic related to yours and that you comment adds quality and relevance to the blog posted.

What else should I consider …

1. When submitting your website to online directories, be sure to choose the most relevant sub-category that is available for your topic. Also be sure that you are only submitting your site once. Because some submissions can take a while to be approved, I would recommend that you create a spread sheet documenting the sites that you submitted to and the date submitted. This way you always have a reference to review where you requested a link.

2. Build your links slowly-This strategy falls under the same line as building quality in-bound links. If you were to massively blast 100 links in one day most likely only about 1% of those links may be of quality. This process will could potentially result in having 99% of the links not helping and negatively affecting your overall strategy.

Despite the frustrations and confusions that are associated with link building one must know that it can be the most important task that you complete when implementing a strong search engine optimization campaign. With that in mind stop thinking about it as a pointless daunting task and start thinking about it as the most positive technique that can be applied to your online marketing efforts.

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