In the Fundamentals exam, you’re given three hours for 113 questions, which was plenty of time. With each question you’re given the opportunity to ‘Mark’ it for review later. This was extremely helpful as it gives the opportunity to speed through the questions you are confident in and revisit the few you are unsure about.

Plan on studying for a couple of months—a few hours a week—for the exam. Focus on heavily included language and location targeting, bidding and budgets. Other important areas of emphasis are account access levels and keyword match types. You will also want to become very familiar with the AdWords account structure and which settings are at each level.


The diagram above shows the different parts of an AdWords account. Image Source: Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Study Materials

Then when you pass with flying colors, the next question to is: Which Advanced Exam should you choose?

Google AdWords Advanced Exams:


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