By: Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

SMX Advanced provides great detail on the newest trends and tactics in search marketing presented by leaders in the industry. This year was no exception.  Bayshore Solutions attended sessions within the categories of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search, and Content, Local & Excel Tracking. Each session dug into the very-complex-nitty-gritty-details that are important to successful online marketing.

Detail oriented search marketing is certainly nothing new, and here are some of the newest developments:

SEO | SEO is built upon managing and submitting finite details on site, in code, and to search engines.  When we work to build a company’s online success we consider each of these details, the statistics, the ROI, at great length.

  • Keywords: True, the industry is still complaining about “not provided” but that doesn’t mean the keyword data we do have isn’t important. In fact, it is more important than ever to really dig into the data we do have. And taking a step further, there are programmatic ways that we can pull additional keyword data for further analysis.
  • Data Reporting: How are you measuring the success of your site? Is it lead generation? eCommerce sales? Step back and think about what matters most to your business then reconfigure your reporting to show the actionable data that really matters.
  • Canonicals: Canonicals continue to be one of the best ways to let search engines know the importance of pages, the authors, and even the differences of language. Creating and following a canonical plan will provide the best value to your site.

Paid Search | Paid search continues to evolve. With the increased use of Product Listing Advertising (PLAs) and Enhanced Campaigns (ECs) the technical knowledge required for Paid Search follows suit.

  • PLAs:  It’s easy to focus on text advertising not performing as well with the addition of PLAs. However, research shows that we aren’t losing total engagement of users with ads, we’re shifting interaction to PLAs. PLAs not only provide a more visual and detailed user experience than text advertising, when used in tandem with text advertising, companies see the best results.
  • Enhanced Campaigns: As you switch over to ECs, the most granular accounts allows for the best testing, control and ultimately results. If possible, limit each Ad Group to one keyword for the most advanced testing and control.

Content & Local | Like the other key areas of search marketing, successful content and local strategy requires an intimate knowledge of the art and science of online marketing strategy.

  • Your Influencers: Identifying and connecting with the top users driving traffic to your site is a delicate but important process. Identify your influencers by their forms of connecting (blog, twitter, tumblr) and connect through those mediums.  Make a soft introduction and build a sustainable relationship.  Don’t forget to use statistics to not only identify the top influencers, but also to monitor the ongoing impact.
  • Blended Listings: By fully optimizing local listings based off of industry and location trends, you will provide the best opportunity of achieving top placement. Blended listing strategy requires an analysis of your company, competitors, and targeted regions across Google Maps, Google Local and AOL (yes, AOL!).    Taking the time to cross-check this research will allow you to optimize each listing for the industry and geography.

Whether you decide to tackle one of these elements, or another aspect of search marketing, take the time to read a variety of blogs and learn the best practices so your time and effort has the largest positive impact possible.

One of the many ways Bayshore Solutions stays ahead of the curve in digital marketing best practices is participating in industry education, such as SMX, multiple times each year.  Contact us to find out more about how you can put your online marketing in to expert hands to help grow your business.


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