By: Jenni Walsh – Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

In my opinion Day 2 of the conference was not as exciting as Day 1 but some interesting things were discussed. Day 2 of started out with a keynote from Bing Director Stefan Weitz. First, he discussed “honey badger” which is what they are calling the updates to Bing Webmaster Tools. The new update allows webmasters to set crawl settings, give many people access to the account and feature an updated toolbox.

Stefan also discussed and how the search engines are backing this to help re-assemble the details of so much data on the internet into something more clear. Later on in the day the panel of SEO experts said they are going to “wait and see” what happens with tags and they are not going to rush to implement things right away.

Last, Stbing-FB-Social Searchefan described how important social searching is going to be and he discussed the recent Facebook connection Bing has. He described how he believes Bing has a big advantage over Google by having access to the Facebook data since Facebook has such active, worldwide users. Below is an example of how the bing/Facebook social search is working once you connect your Facebook account to bing.

Some of the other big takeaways from Day 2 included:

  • When doing keyword research, it’s important to consider mobile devices. One stat noted that 1 in 7 search queries are coming from mobile devices and mobile users do search differently than desktop users.
  • Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a way to crowd source work immediately – Basically it’s a way for businesses to get those “one off” jobs done quickly/cheap. Example: Someone needed to tag 1,000 photos so they would show up better in search. So they used Mechanical Turk workers to identify the images.

One of the main lessons learned from Day 2 was how important social links will become to SEO. One SEO expert used the example that not everyone has a website that they can use to link to things they like, but they can promote and recommend things on their social networks. It’s only natural for the search engines to take social links into consideration in new algorithm updates since they have access to this information.

In my opinion SMX Advanced 2011 was a success! They once again treated all attendees to good food, fun parties and most importantly good speakers who had interesting information to learn from!

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