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By Erin Gray, Bayshore Solutions Vice President

I remember reading at the beginning of the year all the various blogs and engaging infographics on the upcoming marketing trends for 2015. And just about every article I read or infographic I pinned on my “cool infographics” Pinterest board – mentioned the power of video content in digital marketing. From the studies I’ve read recently, the general consensus is that companies that include video in their content mix see a 66% higher average conversion rate. That’s a pretty significant jump.

Now I’ve always been a believer in the power of video & digital marketing – particularly when it comes to creating the holy grail of engagement – the emotional connection between a brand and its customer.

Just recently I was presented with a real live case study involving Nike. As some of you may know, we are in the middle of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. In my household, that’s the end-all-be-all of sporting events. (As I sit here and write this blog – I’m anticipating a great semi-finals match between the USA and Germany tonight! Go USA Ladies!)

It was during one of the matches that I first saw the Nike commercial “American Woman.” Don’t get me wrong – my wallet has had an ongoing relationship with Nike since my daughter started playing soccer 10 years ago. Despite that fact, they truly managed to tug at my heartstrings with this commercial – so much so that my daughter and I searched for the spot on YouTube and watched it another dozen times.

The link is below (I’d love to directly embed, but this has been disabled by YouTube). If you haven’t seen it… you need to check it out. It’s good. Really, really, good.

Of course, after watching it a dozen times, my daughter mentioned that she really does need those new cleats featured at the end. You know the ones with the cool built in sock that Nike strategically featured at the end of the spot. And, yes, we ordered the new cleats. Did I mention the spot was really, really good?

Based on a 66% higher average conversion rate for companies that include video in their content mix – I can only imagine how many other consumers like me dropped $200 bucks on a pair of cleats – and how many pairs of soccer boots will be purchased over the course of the World Cup.

What can video and digital marketing do for you?

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