By: Lucy Esteves – Bayshore Solutions Project Management Team

Our entire team helps keep content going on the Bayshore Solutions blog.  We share the responsibilities because we know that we all have valuable information to share.

But do we have valuable information to share on a schedule? Can we create content on the fly or just because a deadline is looming? The answer is no. Here are some helpful tips when executing your own company blog strategy:

  1. Only write a blog post if you have something to say.
  2. Involve all of your team members, ideas come from every role in your organization.
  3. Create a schedule but let people know ahead of time that their blog is due so they have time to come up with a topic.
  4. Have some back up posts in case someone misses their day to post.
  5. Be timely. If something is happening in your office or in your industry, write about it that day, that minute and post it!
  6. Use keywords and really bring home the reason for your post so that people can find it and most importantly read it.
  7. And lastly, make your blog engaging and something your readers can learn from.

Hope this helps you come up with your own company blog strategy. A well thought out digital plan isn’t created overnight. It takes lots of hard work and experienced team members to pull it off.

Contact Bayshore Solutions if you need help on your own digital strategy and to see if a company blog is a benefit to you!

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