EmailKeyBy Brett Wilkins, Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

When it comes to developing a creative and effective Email Marketing Campaign, you’ll need more than just a message and a list of email addresses.  Here are a few tips to make sure that you get the most return on your campaign efforts:

  • Make your message quick and to the point – When people check their Inboxes, they have a lot of emails and not a lot a time.  Be sure that your emails stand out by quickly and effectively conveying your message.  There is no need to include information such as your company’s history to begin every email.  Know your message and get right to it so you can engage your customer.
  • Tell your readers what to do next – At this point you have sent the email and engaged the customer with your message. Be sure to include a call to action so your customers know what to do next.  For example, if your email was promoting an upcoming webinar and the customer signs up for it, follow up with them providing another email telling the customer to add the webinar to their calendar.
  • Consider using referral codes – This is a great way to win new customers while keeping your current ones. One company that is great with this strategy is Uber.  When an Uber customer uses the service, Uber sends them a receipt with a referral code to their email.  When that same customer gives that referral code to a friend, both the current customer and the referral customer receive $30 in Uber credit.  It is an “Everybody Wins” scenario.
  • Say “Thank You” – As simple as this tactic seems, it helps to keep engagement with your customer. As we look at our many emails each day, sometimes we tend to forget that there is another person on the end that has sent us that email.  A simple “Thank You” is engaging and keeps your company on top of mind with the customer.
  • Make people happy – This can result from using many different tactics. Making your customer happy can be accomplished by creative exclusivity for your customer (pre-order advantages, discounts off product, and referral codes with incentive.)  As long as you are engaging your customer while providing them with something they can use, then a happy customer will result in a returning one.

Bayshore Solutions integrates email campaigns in the customized digital marketing strategies we use to grow the success of our customers.

To learn more about getting the most out of integrated email and digital marketing initiatives, contact us today.

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