By: Jay Wiley- Bayshore Solutions Management Team

Sometimes during the course of our digital marketing activities we come across unexpected results. Recently, one of our Bayshore eMarketers was reviewing a monthly report with their client and came across a beneficial but unanticipated result. The client was ranking first organically for a competitor’s branded keyword search term. Basically, Google thought their company was more relevant to the actuall search term.

To protect the innocent I’ve changed the names of the parties involved in this example. Any resemblance or similarities to actual people is purely coincidental: Billy Bob goes to Google looking for a local hunting club. He types in the search phrase Moug’s Hunt Club Tampa. Much to his surprise the very first organic result is a link to Bevin’s Hunt Club. Why did this happen? How did this happen? Not knowing the secret sauce Google uses to display results I can only surmise that Google took into account Billy Bob’s location when he performed the search. In this case Bevin’s Hunt Club is in fact closer to Billy Bob than Moug’s Hunt Club. I’m also assuming that Bevin’s Hunt Club was better optimized for the non-branded part of the search term; hunt club.

What we do know is that if the site was not optimized it would not have shown up in the search results and Bevin’s would have lost a potential customer. Bayshore Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, but believes that any complete strategy begins and ends with search engine optimization (SEO). Some of our activities include goal identification and definition, analytics installation, competitive and keyword research, link building and content creation and optimization. The anticipated result of all of our digital marketing activities is to meet and exceed the goals we set with our clients at the beginning of our partnership to help grow their business.


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