With the high demand of smart phones and tablets in today’s society, it is not surprising that consumers are changing their online behaviors.  And Google is evolving the ways advertisers can reach the on- the- go consumers.  The latest evolution in PayPer Click Advertising is Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. All Adwords accounts will be automatically upgraded in a few months, so now is the time to proactively make your campaign adjustments to ensure a seamless transition.  So what is this all about, and what does it mean for your business?

What is Google Changing?

  • No more mobile-specific campaigns

This is the biggest change. You will no longer need to manage separate desktop and mobile device campaigns. Now, at the campaign level, you will need to make bid adjustments to various devices. For example, if you do not want your ads to show at all on smartphone devices you would make a bid adjustment of -100%.  Be aware, if you wait until Google automatically upgrades your account, all of your campaigns will by default be included into their mobile network. So it is important to take control of your accounts now.

  • Extensions can now be set at the Ad Group level

This change is a positive advancement.  It gives you more control over what site links you would like to have shown for specific ad groups, therefore allowing you to target your market more precisely.

The other change to extensions is that Google is removing the $1.00 cost for phone extensions. They are also going to provide you with conversion metrics for phone calls that are longer than 2 minutes.

  • Changes to location and ad scheduling

Some other changes that are taking place with Enhanced Campaigns are that you are now able to adjust bids based on various locations and times of the day. The purpose of this upgrade is to make sure that your right customer is seeing your advertisement at exactly the right moment.

Now What Do I Do?

This AdWords change is going to affect all Google Pay Per Click advertisers. Currently the upgrade is optional. However this June, Google will automatically be changing all accounts to this format. You need to be prepared. My best advice is to make sure that you are acquainted with the new features and you are ready to make adjustments to your account before this upgrade permanently takes place.

Google has released some instructional videos explaining how to upgrade your accounts to Enhanced Campaigns.

How to Upgrade One Single Campaign

How to Merge Two Campaigns into One Enhanced Campaign

Or consider enlisting the help of an expert partner like Bayshore Solutions to structure and manage pay per click advertising campaigns to deliver ongoing best-performing results for your business.

As consumer behaviors change (like with the growing use of mobile devices), we marketers know that adjustments to advertising methods will follow quickly.  Though these AdWords Enhanced Campaigns changes can seem fast-paced and complex, when correctly completed they will be precision-targeted to help you promote the right marketing message to your target time – and on the right device.

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