By: Jenni Walsh – Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

Right now I spend most of my day managing my clients search engine optimization (SEO) efforts – I check their keyword rankings, make sure the keywords are bringing in traffic and leads and recommending ways of keeping the bounce rate low. But in two years from now (Maybe even sooner!) will any of that even matter anymore?

Google recently announced 2 really big changes that could affect the way sites show up in the search results and comScore just released new statistics stating in December 2008 Google held 63.5% of the search engine market share. With a statistic like that you can’t help think that any changes Google is making right now will certainly affect search in the future!

Here are the quick facts on the new Google search features:

google-search-wikiGoogle Search Wiki

When signed into a Google account you are given the ability to basically customize your search results. You can move sites you like up to the top, sites you don’t like down and sites you really don’t like you can remove from the results all together! You can also add comments too and even see how others have modified their search results. Of course there is a way to edit any changes you made to the results by visiting the “See all my SearchWiki notes” at the bottom of the search engine results.

Google Preferred Sites

Very recently Google announced it is testing a feature called Preferred sites. When logged into your Google Account you are allowed to go enter search preferences and enter a list of domains you like. Then if Google finds a result from any of the preferred domains you listed, Google will bump that listing to the top of the results and label it as being a preferred site.



Searchers will basically be allowed to tell Google EXACTLY what they want to see when they are searching for something. Which then makes me believe Google has to be saving all of that information some where and will be using it in an algorithm update at some point.

When I think about all of this it makes me wonder what my job will become in the coming years…….With searchers being allowed to customize their search results will search engine optimization (SEO) even matter in the future? Will normal searchers even know these features exist? Will searchers take the time to rank and add sites to their preferred list? Not to mention all of the new technology of semantic search (but I will save that discussion for another day)! We will just have to wait and see. Only time will tell!

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