nopcommerce-LogoBy Keith Neubert, Bayshore Solutions Vice President – Denver

For many considering an ecommerce solution or looking to grow upon their current ecommerce solution, nopCommerce can be a great fit and certainly deserves a seat at the table for consideration.

As a premier .NET solution it offers a mature and fully extensible open source code base, the latest MVC architecture, a huge community of support as well as a growing library of plugins.

In order to recommend the best solution for our customers unique needs, we study the most current developments in CMS platforms,  We’re excited about what is new with nopCommerce.

Without naming all of the great features, the big ones we’re often asked about are: Out of the box nopCommerce is:

  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • mobile responsive friendly
  • VERY search engine friendly
  • has plugins for several payment gateways
  • has more configurable settings (not requiring development) than you’d probably ever need (or care to know about it).

The nopCommerce team continues active development on the core and sometime in the not-so-distant-future, will be releasing yet another version of the platform with version 3.7.  In addition to the usual bug fixes, usability updates, and general best practice updates in a CMS version evolution, here is a quick look ahead at some of nopCommerce 3.7’s notable features:

Performance and Security

  • Caching of discounts by category and manufacturer
  • Caching of discount requirements
  • Refactoring the core nopCommerce caching scheme to prevent locking from becoming an issue.
  • Additional XSRF attack preventions.
  • Fore stores with many specification attributes, additional performance considerations are being implemented.
  • Built-in Microsoft Azure BLOB support as well as a general increase in support for Azure and web farms.

Products, Discounts and Promotions

  • Discounts can be tied to product attribute selections by the customer.
  • Applying discounts to categories and sub categories.
  • Displaying the discount’s friendly name on the checkout page when applied by a customer. Product image ribbons applied based on discounts applied.
  • Ability to allow multiple discounts per order and setting of the priority of how they’re applied.
  • Conditional product attributes based on the customer selection of other attributes.
    • Administrator can set conditions on when they show up for the product, essentially allowing for IF/THEN logic at the attribute level.
  • Products can be marked as discontinued and custom messaging displayed.


  • Content pages can currently be password protected, and will allow that protection to extend to role based protection (in the ACL), so a page can be set to visible by certain roles.
  • Minimum age validation option for users.
  • Ability to upload plugins versus the current method of having to manual copy them into the plugins directory.
  • Tracking of payouts to multiple vendors, as a way to centralize the data and track who has been paid what based on the completed orders.

Bayshore Solutions is a  nopCommerce Gold Partner who has certified developers in this platform and has deployed many successful customer websites using nopCommerce for their ecommerce functionality.

Contact us to evaluate how nopCommerce can help grow your ecommerce business.

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