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By Chris Gilbert, Bayshore Solutions Development Team

nopcommerce-LogoMany of the requests we get at Bayshore Solutions involve assisting businesses getting set up with an online presence and installing an online shopping cart. As a result, we have spent many hours reviewing our customers’ business use needs, compared the capabilities of the most commonly used shopping cart software solutions and have consistently selected nopCommerce as the platform of choice for these customers.


Advantages of using nopCommerce including the amount of features included out-of-the-box combined with the ability to customize and add new functionality make it one of our top recommendations. Additionally, nopCommerce has taken many steps to make sure it follows common security best practices. Finally, the template and themes allows for multiple device support and responsive designs.

Multiple Built-In Features

Included with the default installation of nopCommerce is the ability to have multiple stores. This enables administrators to run more than one store from the single administration panel and share catalog data. Multi-vendor support enables drop-shipping so that you don’t have to store any physical inventory. Orders are sent to vendors for fulfillment. Also included are other aspects of a great online store application such as content management, SEO, and marketing features.

Enhancements and Customization

Another key feature of nopCommerce is its architecture and use of plugins that allow for additional functionality, new elements, and custom layouts to be added into the application. This pluggable modularized architecture makes it easy to create and customize your web site.


Security is always an important concern with any website, and especially so with e-commerce. It is simple to set up a secure certificate so users can make purchases through HTTPS. Also, version 3.60 (the latest version released in June 2015) has multiple security enhancements to prevent hackers from accessing and stealing customer data.

Multiple Device Support

One of the most important aspects of an e-commerce website is the ability to view and purchase products on a variety of devices. More and more, customers expect your site to be easy to navigate and complete a transaction whether they are working on a desktop computer or browsing your site on their smartphone from a coffee shop.

A well-designed responsive template will do just that – scaling appropriately and displaying the content that is most important across multiple browsers and devices. As a result, customers buy more products and are happier in general, leading to repeat sales in the future.

Bayshore Solutions is a nopCommerce Gold Partner and has developed many e-commerce websites. This blog covers just a sampling of what nopCommerce has to offer your e-commerce business.

Contact us to get your business store online and delivering results today.

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