bf_bulletsWalmart replaced Black Friday early AM “Doorbusters” for storewide deals starting at 6 PM Thursday. At least 33 major retailers including Nordstrom, Costco and GameStop stayed closed on Thanksgiving. And on Black Friday, REI closed their doors to be somewhere outdoors.

By Bridget Fogarty, Bayshore Solutions Project Management Team

These trends show that consumers are drifting more and more away from Black Friday retail store shopping for online deal-searching any and every day.  This means superior UX and website optimization will play an even greater role this holiday season and throughout the new year.

Gone are the days consumers have to rely on that one day a year to wait in long lines to get the best deals possible. Thanks to the internet, every sale is right at your fingertips without needing to leave the house.

With online sales increasing every year, it’s no surprise the holiday shopping season always sees the biggest growth. “We can buy all of our holiday gifts while nestled up by a warm fire without driving around in a winter storm going store to store!” That’s the mindset we’re seeing more often in the average consumer – the need for convenience.

But in the eyes of the customer, convenience doesn’t just mean “at your fingertips” with online shopping, and that’s where some retailers miss the mark. The entire “User Experience” (UX) of your online shopping customer needs to outshine your competition, from the moment they land on your site and are convinced to stay/trust you, to how easily they can find what they want, to how easily they can complete their purchase.

At Bayshore Solutions, we’re constantly implementing new ways to better ecommerce user experience. Here are some tips to ensure you’re set up to win your your customer’s business:

  1. Build a site that can handle your traffic load.

    The last thing a user wants is to wait for a page to load for more than a few seconds. If your site is as slow as molasses, your sales will be too. If you need to speed it up, give us a call and we’ll take it up a notch – or more.

  2. Pictures speak louder than words.

    Words are important, but if you’re selling something online, images seal the deal. Make sure you have clear photography that shows off your products in the best way possible. Don’t have any images? We can help.

  3. Organize your inventory.

    Think about a messy closet. We’ve all had one and we’ve all had the headache that comes with it. Don’t create that same experience on your site. Make it easy for a user to find what they’re looking for and you’ll get the reward.

Whether you think you need help or you just want some experts to consult with, Bayshore Solutions knows how to make your brand more successful online.

Contact us to ensure your eCommerce UX is set up for winning customers.

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