By: Bayshore Solutions Project Management Team

Shopping on Your Mobile Phone

The shift in paradigm from retail to the Internet and now smart phone purchases is moving at a pace more rapid than you may know.

Impulse buying and comparison shopping are the typical habits of smartphone-savvy consumer.  Industry reports commonly show that consumers use their smartphones for purchases such as video games, hotel rooms, diet pills, social networking games, pizza and flowers.

phone-shoppingHow are businesses taking advantage of this trend in online eCommerce?  It’s time for retailers to spruce up their web presence and make sure that their website not only accepts online payment but is also mobile-compatible to accept mobile orders. So get set pizza parlors, ice cream shops, florists, car washes and companies that deal in impulse or casual items for sale. It’s time to get online and mobile!

One reason smartphone eCommerce is so appealing to the consumer is because it is an easy, readily-accessible way to browse, shop and purchase these items.  Consumers simply enter their phone number to purchase an item.  No credit card is required because the charge is added to the user’s cell phone bill, which is then presented on their monthly billing statement.

As technology grows and users become more savvy,  smart phone eCommerce consumers are leveraging product comparisons and taking advantage of technical resources to make mobile purchases.  Twitter and Facebook are successful mobile case studies proving that consumer mobile use is only going up.  My advice: stay competitive and embark in online mobile eCommerce applications for your website.


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