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If your e-Commerce website uses Authorize.Net as a payment processing gateway, you need to read this!

By Stephen Massaro, Bayshore Solutions Project Manager

Auth.netimageOver the next few months, Authorize.Net will increase the reliability their payment processing and eliminate access interruptions due to planned downtimes by routing its’ traffic to data centers through the new Akamai Network Technology cloud network service.

In this transition, Authorize.Net has established new transaction URLS to point your eCommerce website to in order to take immediate advantage of the superior processing reliability and uptime benefits.

By June 2016, all transaction URLs will be automatically redirected, but recommends that you proactively update your website or payment solution now rather than waiting. There are specific considerations relating to Firewalls and IP addresses that will affect transaction processing, so staying ahead of this change is a smart business move.

Depending on your programming skill set, updating the Akamai transaction URL may require the assistance of a web developer. Contact Bayshore Solutions or your own internet solution provider for assistance in updating to the appropriate URL.

Bayshore Solutions is able to help you understand and complete the specific steps your website needs to make to access this upgraded reliability and ensure your uninterrupted eCommerce business.

Contact us today! to learn more and get your website properly connected.

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