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By: Bayshore Solutions Development Team

For many of our customer’s business needs, we have found NopCommerce to fit the bill as the e-commerce platform for their websites. With new “plug-in” modules now available to NopCommerce developers, we are now able to recommend this e-commerce platform to address more online shopping specifications needs with secure payments processing.

We’re pleased to introduce NopCommerce customers to the First Data Payment gateway that offers a thorough implementation of secure and customer-friendly features into NopCommerce websites.

Once added in and configured, the website has the ability to perform partial and full online refunds directly to First Data, see below:



Even more valuable to online store owners is the PCI compliance of storing and allowing customers to reuse credit cards. This is done through “tokenization” in First Data – in everyday terms: “Crazy mixed up highly-encrypted” numbers that only First Data can decrypt back to a credit card.

And for the cherry on top, this NopCommerce customer experience delivers a very comprehensive UI with one-click credit card selection:



We’re very excited to be able to recommend and deliver even higher value shopping cart functionality with the First Data payment gateway in NopCommerce websites.

Do you have an eCommerce website (NopCommerce or other shopping cart system) that would benefit by upgrading this customer experience convenience?

Contact us today – as a NopCommerce Gold Partner, we can help.

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