By: Kristin Vick – Bayshore Solutions

Optimizing for the new shoppers addiction, the tablet, doesn’t have to be as daunting as you may think. — And the recent industry trends paint a clear picture of the need to tablet-optimize the online shopping experience.

Industry sources are citing that in the past shopping holiday season, transactions on tablets accounted for 8% – 19%  of total sales, and of this the Apple© iPad® represented almost 94% of that revenue.  Conversions from online ads on tablet devices were up 38%, winning over desktop computers and smartphones, and the tablet-based average order size was 15% larger.

Brick and mortar stores, as well as online retailers should always be looking for a seamless shopping experience for their shoppers.  But how do you do that when technology is always changing and advancing?  Even though you were on the right track by updating your two-year-old website, tablet shoppers are looking for a better shopping experience. And this creates a real user-interface (UI) functionality challenge for many businesses.

What do those online customers want? Tablet-based shoppers express growing frustration with slow load time of full sites on tablet devices, especially with PDF catalogs.  They also mention that the images supporting their selection decision-making were not as high quality as they have come to expect. And… they were missing the most important thing; the “Swipe.”

Okay, so how can we fix that? (Without completely re-programming website functionality for swipe-ability for all ongoing product catalogs)

One Solution: Google Catalogs.  Google Catalog Center is a tool that enables you to upload all catalogs (PDF or Digital), annotate each page with products videos, and other rich media content then embed the catalog within your site (similar to an embedded YouTube video).  Google has made a nice bridge for tablet visitors on sites that may not be fully UI optimized and make it easier for online retailers to fix the issues shoppers have been frustrated with.  Also, the tool allows reach to a broader audience for the items you want to feature.

Google Catalogs allows an upload of your catalog in PDF format and; allows for a faster load time, allows for better images and most importantly, enables the “Swipe.”


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So where does a company like Bayshore Solutions come in?  We can optimize the products listings that are being searched for in the Google Product Feed (from the Merchant Center), as well as implement new ways to feature the Google catalog on your site. Our experts can be a big ongoing help each time you upload a new catalog, as it will be imperative to annotate the new pages and remove listings and products that are no longer available.

Contact Bayshore Solutions to see how we can help you integrate with Google Catalogs and help increase your reach and best impression to new customers.

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