By: Bayshore Solutions Digital Marketing Team

Ecommerce Tracking

Do you own an online business? Are you currently measuring your customer’s behaviors? Do you happen to know what traffic source or keyword generated the most revenue? Why is this even important? It just so happens that your company’s transaction data is a fundamental aspect to analyzing and understanding your ecommerce business.

Google has always made tracking your website’s data easy with Google Analytics. However, did you know that Google Analytics can also track your ecommerce transaction data? By simply adjusting your analytics settings and adding a transaction data code to your receipt page, you can be on your way to better understanding your customer and their buyer behaviors.

Below are a just two examples of the statistics that you can review utilizing the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking tool:


Traffic Sources, sorted by most revenue generated: It is significant to your business to understand what areas of your online marketing strategy are performing appropriately.  Maybe you need to spend more time with search engine optimization, or concentrate on sending out additional email campaigns. By reviewing data and analyzing it over time, you are more likely to make better business decisions with your online marketing budget.


Keywords, sorted by most revenue generated:
Knowing what keyword or keyword phrase your consumers are searching for can assist you in making online marketing conclusions, as well informed product decisions. If a brand is searched for highly and you currently do not have stock for it, this could be an indicator to you as to what to order next. Knowing this information can help you adjust your business needs to focus on what consumers demand.

Knowing and understanding your consumers is an extremely important aspect to growing your online business. If you are interested in learning more information about Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking and what it can do for your online business, contact Bayshore Solutions and talk to one of our Internet Marketing experts today!


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