About Collegiate Risk Management



Collegiate Risk Management is a national student health insurance company that strives to be an advocate for every insured college student, parent and college administrator. They have built a strong reputation as a consultant, partner and trusted advisor in regards to health insurance for students and are dedicated to forming and maintaining long-term relationships by sharing their expertise and knowledge of the industry.


Collegiate Risk Management had three business websites with overlapping information. The student health insurance company needed a website that allowed students to quickly access their health insurance information and find forms, documents and products online.


Bayshore Solutions partnered with Collegiate Risk Management to combine three existing websites into one. Bayshore Solutions integrated a content management system, WebModules CMS, for Collegiate Risk Management to easily manage its website, provide student-users access to forms, documents, waivers, etc., and make all aspects of the website more efficient for student and health administrator to use. With a new school search button, students can view what plans are offered at their school and how Collegiate Risk Management can help them. Students can also sign up for health insurance plans online through the website.


By merging the separate websites and creating this innovative user-interface, design and functionality, in just one month after site launch:

  • Visits increased 326%
  • Organic visits increased 192%
  • Referral traffic increased 95%

And in just 60 days:

  • Total monthly website conversions increased 726%

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