AHP_ss_PRelTAMPA, FL, September, 2011 – Bayshore Solutions announces the launch of a new custom website for Advanced Healthcare Partners (AHP). The site, designed to increase AHP’s web presence, will allow the cutting-edge healthcare management and consulting company the ability to share strategy and gain new visitors online.

Advanced Healthcare Partners  is a cutting-edge healthcare management and consulting company. AHP focuses on building, managing, measuring and integrating the strategic business operations of high potential, forward thinking healthcare practices, platforms, and concepts.

Advanced Healthcare Partners came to Bayshore Solutions to assist with the design and development of a website for their newly formed company. Advanced Healthcare Partners is a consulting firm that created a highly effective and successful strategic business platform for Laser Spine Institute. AHP applies this scalable methodology to healthcare businesses and partners with them to achieve dramatic improvements in service delivery and business results.

“Bayshore Solutions worked with AHP to understand their intended audience, service offerings, and methodology,” said Doug Pace, Executive Vice President and COO of Bayshore Solutions. “We worked to create a custom Web design that would reflect the strategy of AHP and speak to their target audience.”

In the design strategy for the new custom website, Bayshore Solutions incorporated a slideshow module to the homepage that explains the AHP business healthcare models, while on the administrative side, the Web content management system, WebModules, was integrated with the site. This enables the Advanced Healthcare Partners team to readily manage their website content including latest news, images and recent partners.

“Bayshore Solutions continues to be a strong partner for Advanced Healthcare Partners, assisting us in the best possible way to communicate our strategy and who we are through our website,” stated Jimmy St. Louis, CEO of Advanced Healthcare Partners.


2011-IMA-WinInteractive Media Award for Outstanding Website Achievement

The Outstanding Achievement award is the second highest honor bestowed by IMA and an extremely challenging award to win. Advanced Healthcare Partner’s website has excelled in all areas of judging criteria and represents a very high standard of planning, execution and overall professionalism.

It is an honor to be recognized as leaders in website design with these IMA awards,” said Kevin Hourigan, President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions. “This is a welcome encouragement of the innovation and best practices we apply to creating web properties that drive great business results for our customers.”

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