Morphogenesis-website design by Bayshore SolutionsAbout Morphogenesis

Morphogenesis Inc. is a clinical stage company developing novel cell and genetic human cancer immunotherapies; and a service provider of Veterinary Oncology Services including manufacturing the first ever multi-indication, multi-species, ‘off-the-shelf’ veterinary cancer immunotherapy.

Morphogenesis is privately funded and in pursuit of their scientific goals has been the recipient of investments and grants from the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research, Product Assistance for Cellular Therapies, and the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project.


Morphogenesis partnered with Bayshore Solutions to synthesize two separate websites and create a new web experience that better reflects their brand and the caliber of services they provide. They needed one website destination to effectively translate technical/scientific information, communicate with, and satisfy the various needs of many target audiences including: scientists, students/interns, government, investors, speaker’s bureaus, and patients/consumers.

The goal of the website’s research area was to disseminate information to promote and advance the science as well as position Morphogenesis as a trusted partner and resource for Veterinarians.

The Veterinary Oncology area of the new site needed to serve a more business-oriented goal, to educate pet-parents, researchers, and influencers to urge veterinarians to consider their science as a treatment option.


The new Morphogenesis website is very clean with imagery, color usage, and overall design focused on the breakthrough technology behind their research. Aesthetic adjustments in the corporate logo and color palette were made to align and update the corporate identity elements with the brand direction.

The website addresses a variety of audiences with broad to complex/technical content in an elegant experience that presents the science, its applications, and benefits. Sitemap analysis and build strategy ensured that the specific target audiences had clear paths to their documentation of interest.  Potential investors are conveniently led to relevant content without getting lost in scientific items. Technical/Scientific audiences can readily explore in-depth research. Potential Interns and requests for speakers are presented easy paths to accomplish their objectives.

Content that was previously limited to PDF format is now available on web pages focused on specific research topics and is search engine optimized for indexing and keywords. The new website is much more content-rich and positions the organizations much better to followers and prospective partners. In addition, the website now significantly aids in providing information to pet parents and influencing veterinarians through those parents sharing the information with their pet’s veterinarians.


“Our new website is clean, representative, and we are proud that it’s our face to the industry – and, If you Google ‘Veterinary oncology services’, we pop up first.”

“We were thrilled to work with Bayshore Solutions; it was a very positive experience.  We felt like we were in good hands with our team. The professional perspective they brought to the needs of our website’s structure and presentation was engaging and very helpful.”

“By collaborating with Bayshore Solutions to create our award-winning website, we are now able to communicate our message, our services, and our capabilities as a market leader to a diverse audience more clearly than ever before.”

– Pat Lawman, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Morphogenesis

Award Recognition

Summit MEA Award 2016 Platinum Winner badge for Morphogenesis website by Bayshore Solutions

Platinum Digital Results in Healthcare & Medicine Websites

Morphogenesis W3 2016 Award Winning Website By Bayshore Solutions

Biotechnology Website Excellence

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Morphogenesis Platinum Hermes Award winning website by Bayshore Solutions

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