By: Tyler Dawes – Bayshore Solutions Systems Engineer

In efforts to creating secure and reliable web hosting for our clients, Bayshore Solutions has started setting up Plesk Hosting environments which migrates both its development websites as well as its production client websites to Plesk.  There are major benefits among many for this transition which benefit not only Bayshore Solutions, but also its end users.

The three major benefits include an enhanced user experience, cost savings, and a broad level of multi-technology support.  With the enhanced user experience, clients will be able to log into their control panel and control everything from their DNS, email, website, and SSL certificate to ftp access.  They will also be able to upgrade their account to add more hosting resources, and purchase additional services such as an SSL certificate or a domain.  The decrease in business costs and automation of website deployment will allow Bayshore Solutions to scale the hosting environment all while still delivering upon client expectations of a robust and flexible hosting environment.  It will also allow Bayshore Solutions to increase hardware utilization, and reduce server overhead by integrating with existing virtualization infrastructure.

Another important reason for selecting Plesk software to deploy into Bayshore Solutions’ hosting environment is the wide range of technology support.  Plesk has the capability to support multiple operating systems such as: Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, CentOS, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, and openSUSE.  The software also supports multiple Web/Database servers including: Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, and Nginx.

This new environment will help Bayshore Solutions grow hosting and improve client’s experience all while decreasing cost and maximizing efficiencies.  Bayshore Solutions’ experts can determine if Plesk web hosting is right for you – contact us today to get started!

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