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TapShield Business Services and Technology Web design by Bayshore

TapShield is a mobile safety solution that help people connect to first responders and those around them to make safer decisions and summon help. It is a cloud-based incident response platform that helps emergency personnel make more educated decisions and respond faster.

TapShield partnered with Bayshore Solutions to create their debut website to make a strong first imporession and be the cornerstone of the new companies growth and messaging engine.

Bayshore Solutions created the TapShield website to artfully introduce the technology. explain its benefits via featured case examples and entice interest by both end users of the product, (Higher education students and business employees on assignment) and the institutions and organizations that implement and connect to the application services.

TapShield’s responsive website presents the technology in a clean and visually enticing way. The site features case examples and headline scenarios to explain the technology’s benefits and entice interest by both end users and the organizations that implement and connect to the application services. Further value documentation and invitation to discussion are presented via video introductions and testimonials, whitepapers, as well as industry and media accolades.

The website’s directed path and calls to action utilize online chat functionality, phone contact numbers, demo request options and invitation to TapShield’s mobile safety blog.

Award Recognition

2014-OMMA-BadgeThe TapShield website won the national OMMA (Online Marketing & Media) Award for technology website design excellence over national brand name competition including AAA Automobile Club’s TripAdvisor and time Warner Cable’s WiFi-Denti-Fier websites.


Best In Class IMA Interactive Media Award




Platinum MarCom Award





Silver Davey Award Honors




WebAward Standard of Excellence in technology websites





Gold AVA Digital Award for Informative websites

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