Winner of an Interactive Media Award in the Real Estate Category

About The Sembler CompanyThe-Sembler- Company

Celebrating 50 years of creating retail real estate value, The Sembler Company specializes in commercial real estate services. Sembler provides a wide variety of services, including property and asset management, development and redevelopment, and related services throughout Puerto Rico and the Southeastern United States.


The Sembler Company partnered with Bayshore Solutions to redesign and custom develop their website. Sembler wanted to better reflect their expanded service offerings with a modernized look, present an easy experience for their site visitors, as well as create an easy-to-administer interface for their internal use. An additional feature desired was a superior way to put their variety of properties in front of prospective customers.


Bayshore Solutions designed the commercial real estate services website with enticing aesthetics, a clear structure, and an easy-to-use navigation path for visitors. For seamless and easy management of website updates, Bayshore Solutions integrated WebModules CMS (content management system). This CMS enables administrators of The Sembler Company website to easily update content, images, and property listings on the website to keep a lead pace in their industry and ahead of the competition.


2013-ima-oaBayshore Solutions and The Sembler Company achieved an Interactive Media Award Q2 2013 in the Real Estate category.

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