Web Design, User Experience, and Digital Marketing Communications Excellence for Clients Ranging from Global to Niche to Nonprofit Organizations Shows Breadth of Success in Bayshore Solutions Services

Trophies for MarCom Award Winning Website Designs by Bayshore SolutionsTAMPA, FL, and DENVER, CO, November 2016 – Bayshore Solutions has won eleven 2016 MarCom Awards for demonstrating outstanding marketing communications expertise in digital media of website design, user experience, and results-oriented marketing strategies. The 2016 results represent a record number of MarCom Award Competition wins in the six-plus years that Bayshore Solutions has entered work for adjudication.

Over 6,000 entries from 34 countries were submitted to the 2016 international MarCom Awards competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. The MarCom Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, an international organization consists of several thousand creative professionals. The Association oversees awards and recognition programs, provides judges and sets standards for excellence upon which all entries are judged.

Platinum MarCom Awards are awarded to FIS Global’s Payments Leader for blog websites, Colorado Critter Control for small business websites, and to Bayshore Solutions and Movie Groovy for the Bayshore Solutions corporate video in self-promotion videos.

Gold 2016 MarCom Awards were won by Food Equipment Company in business-to-business websites, Creative Sign Designs in manufacturer websites, Dr. Chandler Dora M.D. in medical websites, Offshore Sailing School in educational institution websites and Jacobsen Homes in manufacturer websites.

MarCom Award Honors were given to Chalat Law in professional services websites, Catholic Foundation in non-profit websites, and FIS Global’s National Breakout Card in financial services websites.

“Winning a record eleven MarCom Awards is indeed an Honor,” said Kevin Hourigan, President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions. “Bayshore Solutions applies our digital methodology, creative innovation, and results-oriented approach to clients in a variety of industries. The winning work across this range of industries is a testament to our approach, which is focused on delivering growth for our customers.”

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Bayshore Solutions 2016 MarCom Award Winning Websites

2016 Silver marCom Award-winning webs design by Bayshore Solutions
Platinum Mar Com Award Winners

FIS Global Payments Leader earned Platinum for social media – blog excellence.

The Payments Leader Blog website positions the thought leadership and expertise of FIS™ to distinct payments processing customer audiences from retail, banking, corporate loyalty, and emerging technology sectors. The site design features an easy-to-navigate  image driven layout to clearly communicate valuable information and expertise to each target group, and engage interest that generates leads.

FIS Payments Leader Blog home page - Gold 2016 MarCom Award Winning WebsiteVisit FIS Payments Leader here.

Colorado Critter Control
won top MarCom honors among small business websites.

Colorado Critter Controls’ image-led website is designed to provide the targeted audience of homeowners with convenient information in an easy-to-experience format, build, and assure trust in the company’s capabilities, and generate leads and sales

Colorado critter control Gold 2016 Mar Com Award winning website home pageVisit the Colorado Critter Control website here.

Bayshore Solutions Corporate Video
, co-created by Movie Groovy and Bayshore Solutions won Platinum in self-promotion web videos.

The video is a high-level overview of our agency’s expertise and capabilities, and features actual agency employees showcasing on-screen talents in addition to their digital expertise.


2016 Gold MarComAward Winning Website design by Bayshore Solutions
Gold MarCom Award Winners

Food Equipment Company won for business-to-business websites.

This robust e-commerce website presents a searchable, clean layout for top industrial brands and fully customizable commercial kitchen and restaurant supply items for over 180,000 products by over 200 manufacturers, in more than 3,000 categories. The web design presents an intuitive, user-friendly experience for easy “find-ability” of products, convenient purchase transactions, and high-end financing application functionality.

2016 MarCom Award winner, Food Equipment Company e-commerce nopCommerce CMS website design by Bayshore SolutionsRead more about Food Equipment Company’s website design and digital results here.

Creative Sign Designs
won a Gold Award for manufacturing websites.

The new CSD, image-oriented website consolidates hundreds of case studies pages into a more navigable presentation of their best and brightest design portfolios in eight established industry verticals.  Creative Sign Designs serves. It is designed to present a complete user experience that serves visitors’ needs when looking to qualify a signage company, keeps the firm’s “virtual showroom” competitive and engaging, and shows how high-design custom signage project challenges can be met.

2016 Mar Com Award Winner, Creative Sign Designs website design by Bayshore SolutionsRead more about the Creative Sign Design website here.

Offshore Sailing School
won a Gold Award for educational institution website excellence.

Offshore Sailing School’s website design is fully responsive and used deep visitor and customer data to strategically create the navigation, content, structure, and conversion paths. The design streamlines content, creates engaging calls to action and focuses on converting customers.

Offshore Sailing School website, 2016 MarCom Award WinnerRead more about Offshore Sailing School’s web design here.

Dr. Chandler Dora M.D
. was awarded Gold honors in medical websites.

Dr. Dora’s website addresses a scarcity of consumer information by providing education and resources on treating benign prostate enlargement through HoLEP, a cutting edge technology that uses lasers to reduce obstruction and recovery time for patients. The website attracts, educates, and reassures target audiences about HoLEP, Dr. Dora’s expertise and capabilities, and facilitate inquiries from prospective patients to take the next steps.

Dr. Chandler Dora BphMD website,2016 MarCom Award WinnerVisit Dr. Dora’s website here.

Jacobsen Homes
won a Gold Award for manufacturing websites.

Jacobsen Homes website design centers on ease of user experience, empowered back-end administration, and conversion-optimization. The site features clear call-to-actions that direct visitors to model and dealer locations and showcases both a photo gallery of home designs and a video library, integrated with YouTube.

2016 Mar Com Award Winner, Jacobsen Homes websiteRead more about the Jacobsen Homes web design here.


Logo for MarCom Awards Competition , where Bayshore Soltuions has a multiple year award winning history
MarCom Award Honors

Chalat Law is recognized with honors in professional service websites.

Chalat Law’s website consolidates 6 legal topic/service area websites into one branded website destination. Imagery and a clean layout guide visitors to resources including topical information, an extensive video library, legal services information, and testimonials are presented for users to help their research, build trust in the firms expertise and capabilities, and streamline their next steps in engaging the firm for representation.

Chalat Law Website 2016 Marcom Award WinnerVisit the Chalat Law website here.

FIS Global’s National Breakout Card
is honored among financial services websites.

The My Breakout Card website is designed to entice and generate membership for the company’s debit + rewards card and serve as the convenient, consumer facing access point to the card membership portal and functionality. A simple, responsive layout and image-driven presentation explains the program and gathers sign-ups through prominent calls to action.

2016 MarCom Award Winner, FIS Global My Breakout Card WebsiteVisit the FIS National Breakout Card website here.

The Catholic Foundation
earned honors in non-profit websites

The Catholic Foundation website presents clear messaging about giving opportunities and the works that benefit through gifts to the charitable organization. The website tailors the visitor experience to the needs of their distinct audiences with an inspiring, convenient path to donating online.

Featured functionality includes a unique user administration allows administrators of schools that are scholarship fund recipients the ability to view information about those funds.

2016 MarCom Award winner, The Catholic Foundation Website design by Bayshore SolutionsRead more about The Catholic Foundation’s web design here.

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