Web design in DenverDenver and the state of Colorado used to sell themselves on the great outdoors and affordable housing. That’s all still there, but now there is something else: a lot of great jobs in technology.

That includes everything from electronics in Centennial to web design in Denver. It’s led to the state having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

“The spirit of innovation is alive and thriving in Colorado,” according to a new campaign from the state called Pivot to Colorado.

Community, Not Competition

With the new campaign, Colorado officials make no excuses about going after tech talent currently living in other parts of the country, particularly California. They proclaim “this is a poaching strategy” on the Pivot to Colorado homepage.

As part of the advantages of the state, the Pivot to Colorado campaign offers tech workers a chance to be part of a tech industry that “grows through community rather than competition.”

The state now has 11,000 tech companies, according to the Denver Post. It helps that Denver housing is about 60 percent the cost of that in San Jose.

Web Design

Within the digital economy, web design in Denver has becoming a rapidly growing industry in recent years. Bayshore Solutions, headquartered in Tampa, has offices in Denver. Dozens of other agencies have flocked to the Rocky Mountain State as well.

As with Tampa, many are finding that working in Denver is preferred over working on the more expensive tech hubs on the coast, especially in cities such as Denver that have embraced the tech and digital marketing industries.  That’s led to rapid grown in companies that offer web development and design services, as well as digital marketing and SEO services.

Rapid Growth

The Denver Business Journal reported earlier this year that software and IT jobs alone grew 32 percent in the Denver area in the past five years. That’s far faster than the national average.

There are now more than 58,000 people employed in those jobs. That doesn’t include the people working in web design, online marketing and web development.

It helps also that tech giant Google is increasing its presence in Colorado. Some California companies have even moved their headquarters to Denver and other areas of Colorado.

Colorado also has a highly educated population and the third-highest concentration of tech workers in the United States, according to World Finance.

All this means a bright future for the tech industry in Denver and many other areas of Colorado, as well as digital marketing companies.

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