New Configuration Inside Tier2+ Century Link Data Center Enhances Security, Power, and Performance Readiness for All Bayshore Solutions Clients’ Websites

Data Center UgradeTampa, FL and Denver, CO – July 2016 Bayshore Solutions announces infrastructural and configuration upgrade of all the agency’s hosting and network equipment at the Uptime Institute Tier2+ rated CenturyLink data center in Tampa, Florida to be completed in August 2016.

On top of the existing redundant power grid with on-site generator, 24-hour staffed photo and biometric access security, and 24-hour staffed systems engineering, the initiative reconfigures hosting equipment into additionally secure areas of the Data Center, with enhanced power availability and logistical efficiencies for increased robustness and performance-readiness of the hosting network.

The move will apply to all Bayshore Solutions hosting clients to ensure additional security and capacity to scale for servicing traffic spikes, sustained growth, and accelerated hosting delivery.

“In the extremely competitive and rapidly changing website arena, a secure, consistent, and ‘Always-On’ delivery of website experience is crucial to any business – and is of key importance in our service to clients,” said Kevin Hourigan, President and CEO of Bayshore Solutions. “Whether our clients are experiencing unprecedented traffic and e-commerce transactional demands after major professional athletic wins, accelerated scaling to accommodate rapid growth, or just business-as-usual while thwarting the ongoing attempted security breaches that are a fact of life in the digital sphere, Bayshore Solutions is committed to providing our customers the most trustworthy hosing experience. This improvement to our Data Center infrastructure is the latest action in our delivery on that commitment to our customers.”

The initiative is scheduled to be complete in August, 2016. Customers with any questions can contact Bayshore Solutions at (866) 352-4791.

For more information about Bayshore Solutions hosting at our CenturyLink Data Center, click here.

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