tampa seo servicesNo matter what product or service you offer in Tampa, you are trying your hardest to get your company ranked high on search engine results pages. Finding a company that offers SEO services in Tampa is usually the key to success.

You have many choices. Tampa is among the cities at the forefront of digital marketing and technology in the country. That’s the good news. The bad news is you must find ways of sorting the good from the not-so-good.

Here are some choices to consider when looking for Tampa SEO services.

Search Engines

Searching for Tampa SEO services is the initial move most people make. After all, if the idea of SEO is to rank high in web searches, then shouldn’t an SEO company rank high itself? That’s true as far as it goes. A search will give you options. However, you also must remember that digital agencies that supply a host of digital marketing services might not rank as high as those who focus completely on SEO.

Social Media

Social media has a wealth of information on just about every topic, Tampa SEO services included. You can read opinions from businesses that used a Tampa company for SEO services. The issue here is to take everything you read in context. You never know when a competitor might be purposefully lowering the reputation of a better competitor. As with all things on social media, consider the source.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are much like social media postings. But typically, they are more valid, if only for the fact that the business itself is often allowed to reply to any criticism. Look for reputable sites that offer reviews and make sure they aren’t sponsored by a specific company.


Most companies that offer Tampa SEO services also offer testimonials from clients if they have delivered a quality service.  Read the testimonials and see if their experience would also prove beneficial to you. Consider their industry and the SEO services they received. Check out the websites of those who offer testimonials and judge for yourself if their SEO strategy is working.

Narrow the List

Now that you have some options for companies that provides SEO services, it’s time to reach out. Contact each company and speak with them about services they offer, cost, their previous clients, etc. Make a pro and con list for each company. While harder to quantify, it’s also important to see how they treat you. Companies should have their best foot forward when talking with prospective clients.

Consider a Full-Service Agency

For many companies, it’s often best to simply hire a full-service digital marketing agency that provides SEO as part of a suite of services. If you decide to go this route, you’ll want a company with a long, strong track record, such as the thousands of clients served by Bayshore Solutions. Since SEO is usually one part of an overall marketing strategy, this is often a good move for medium to large companies with ambitious marketing strategies.

Finding Tampa SEO services is easier than ever, in many ways. By taking the above steps, it’s possible to narrow down your search from the many companies available and find the one that will best help you achieve your business goals.

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