About Gold & Diamond Source

Gold and Diamond Source is one of Bayshore Solutions very first website design and development clients.www.GoldandDiamond.com

Gold & Diamond Source is America’s leading online jewelry store. With over 30 years of experience, their experts are skilled professionals in discovering high-quality, fine jewelry from worldwide designers. Gold & Diamond Source has a selection of over 10,000 luxury pieces for all occasions.


Gold & Diamond Source partnered with Bayshore Solutions and requested that we create a website for them that served two purposes: 1)  eCommerce capabilities and 2) A market-leading online presence.

Website Design and eCommerce Solution

Gold and Diamond Source original website and ecommerce design by Bayshore SolutionsBayshore Solutions helped Gold & Diamond Source improve their online image, streamline their site administration and functionality, and create an enticing online showroom for their jewelry. A new website shopping cart was integrated to enable eCommerce sales directly from the website.

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