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JCN-Diamond-Crown-MultiScreenAbout J.C. Newman Cigar Company

Established in 1895, J.C. Newman Cigar Company is America’s oldest family-owned premium cigar maker.

J.C.Newman’s Tampa, Florida location celebrates its heritage as the Fine Cigar Capital of the World and is the last operating cigar factory in “Cigar City”.

Their portfolio of cigar brands instantly recognizable to cigar aficionados worldwide range from ultra-premium Diamond Crown and Diamond Crown MAXIMUS to Cuesta-Rey, La Unica, Brick House, El Baton, to the value-priced Quorum and Factory 59’s.


J.C. Newman partnered with Bayshore Solutions to redesign their brand websites, beginning with the premium Diamond Crown cigars. The previous websites were built in Flash technology, which is not supported by today’s devices and is a disadvantage to search visibility. The company needed their premium brand flagship website to creatively convey the history and quality of the Diamond Crown product. The site needed to be responsive to the multiple screens their audiences are visiting from and to showcase engaging movement and functionality while conveying the brand story of Diamond Crown.


Bayshore Solutions’ design and development team employed the latest technologies with custom code, HTML 5, CSS 3 and Parallax functionality to create Diamond Crown’s state of the art website. The design features stylish product images and showcases the intricacies of a premium cigar creation process and highlights the lifestyle aspects of the brand. The website’s robust visitor experience is presented in a distinguished, singular ”page” format that invites visitors to sojourn, explore and enjoy the “Diamond Crown Experience”.

As the goal of the website is to promote and communicate to Diamond Crown customers and brand followers, cigar products are not sold directly through this site. Engaging functionality custom-developed for the website includes an entertaining personality-based cigar selector. The website assists visitors in locating Diamond Crown cigar lounges, showcases select premium humidors to pair with the luxury cigars and connects visitor to featured events supporting their brand following nationwide.

JC Newman tobacco products operate in a segregated digital market space, as search advertising is restricted, and online age-verification measures are required. Thus digital marketing strategies require custom and an uncommon approach.

JC Newman continues to partner with Bayshore Solutions for strategic innovation and execution of Digital, Content and Social marketing to develop and create engagement with brand enthusiasts. Campaigns are underway to support events including JC Newman’s signature “CigarBQues”; evening events nationwide showcasing top chefs, food, wine, beer and Diamond Crown cigars.

Award Recognition

addy-Silver-AA Silver ADDY award in the American Advertising Federation – Greater Tampa Bay 2015 annual competition is awarded to the J.C. Newman Diamond Crown website.





2014-MarCom-PlatinumJ.C. Newman Diamond Crown website wins a Platinum 2014 MarCom Award among consumer goods manufacturers websites.






2015-AVA-Platinum-BadgeThe International Academy of Visual Arts selected the J.C. Newman Diamond Crown website for a Platinum AVA Digital Award in manufacturer websites.




Horizon-Logo-ColorA 2015 Gold Horizon Award was presented to J.C. Newman Diamond Crown in Consumer information websites.



2015-ima-laurel-bicThe Interactive Media Awards named J.C. Newman Diamond Crown as Best In Class for Lifestyle websites.


Summit-EMATrophy_icoThe Summit International Awards Program gave its Top Honor of Visionary Emerging Media Award to the J.C. Newman Diamond Crown website.

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