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By Kaci Riverol, Bayshore Solutions Project Management Team

Website projects are fun and exciting to kickoff but can sometimes be difficult to manage to completion. Both the client and the project team need to work diligently to maintain the momentum while always keeping in mind the original scope and agreed upon budget and timeline.




There are many reasons why a project gets stalled from change of scope, to slow decision making, to time and resource constraints. If you are really passionate about getting things ramped up and starting up a project that has been stalled for a long time, you need to be very practical about it and come up with concrete steps to get things going.

Tips for Revitalizing a Stalled Project

Here are some tips that you can use to render momentum to a stalled project:

    • Analyze- Before you revisit any task take a step back and analyze how your project got stalled in the first place. By understanding this you will be better able to manage the project moving forward.


    • Plan – It is helpful to jot down the specific roadblocks that initially caused setbacks and the steps you will take to overcome them. Once you know what your setbacks were and your counter plans to tackle them it will be easier to avoid running into the same issues again.


    • Prepare – Before you actually start any work make sure that you have reviewed how the time off has affected the overall project. Check in with the client to confirm the end goal is still the same. Confirm that your resources are available and if they will need additional time to spin up on the project again before continuing work. Always share any deviations from the original budget and timeline with the client and get their approval before starting work again.


    • Execute – This is a crucial step. You need to re-launch your project at this stage. Have the same enthusiasm you had when you first launched it. It is always a good idea to get the project delivery team excited about the re-launch as well.


  • Keep up – Very often there is a heightened momentum when a project kicks off again but then a tendency to slack back a little. Since you don’t want to find yourself back in same stalled pattern keep a steady pace. Clear and consistent communication is key and will keep the project on track.

When you follow the above steps and maintain a steady work pace you will be able to regain the momentum in a stalled project and ultimately reach the final goal!

If you need help kicking off a new website development or marketing project or even revitalizing a stalled one the skilled team at Bayshore Solutions can help. Contact us today!

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