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Bayshore is a Progress Sitefinity Premier Partner and certified developer

Progress Sitefinity makes it easy for marketers and developers to deliver compelling, multichannel user experiences. Its flexibility empowers marketers to manage the day-to-day with ease while enabling developers to quickly deliver new sites and experiences. Sitefinity offers a feature-rich CMS platform to handle even the most complex functionality requirements of a website.

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We're Sitefinity certified

Sitefinity certifies partnership-level developers through rigorous testing and demonstrated success in building websites on this robust platform. Bayshore Solutions’ multiple developer certification places us among Sitefinity’s select partners in the United States.

Access to licensing options and platform benefits are available exclusively though Bayshore Solutions’ partnership with Sitefinity. Dedicated partner support and education of our agency staff ensures up-to-date knowledge for our teams, which can be passed on to your administrators.

This advantage gives you the best possible Sitefinity solution and support for your business website.

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Delivering elegance and excellence

Sitefinity offers a best-in-class platform built on relevant, up-to-date and scalable technologies. Benefits of utilizing Sitefinity for your website include:

  • High degree of extendibility that enables your website to do just about anything
  • Multiple websites can live under one interface
  • Standard MVC components include widgets for search, social sharing, image galleries and more.
  • Easy website updates are powered by user-friendly front-end components
  • Complex data and third-party tool integrations are handled with ease
  • Multiple version upgrades are released per year, guaranteeing continuous evolution of Sitefinity’s technology that aligns with current industry trends

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