Digital Marketing & PR

Connecting the Dots 

Connecting, Convincing, Converting:
Our Favorite Symphony

Strong melodies stand out, even amidst noise. Once your story is composed, it needs a voice. When digital marking and PR are done correctly, your audience won’t just listen, they’ll sing along.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research, page optimization, 301 redirects, and xml sitemaps are just the beginning of an SEO strategy that makes you easily found by your customers.

Paid Advertising

Bid Management, media exchange platforms, campaign optimization, and cost per acquisition reporting are all used within paid media campaigns customized to your business goals.

Email Marketing

One of the oldest online marketing tactics is still one of the most effective. We make sure to employ effective conversion techniques, conform to spam compliance, and build strategies to engage target audiences with your brand.

PR & Content Marketing

The internet has given the consumer unlimited resources to research and become educated prior to purchasing. We create and deploy the right content to attract your prospects at the various stages of their purchasing. These campaigns keep potential customers seeing your content rather than your competitors.

Social Media Management

Keeping your audience engaged with your brand on a daily basis is hard work and creating a social strategy that delivers a true return is even harder. Our teams can help you make your investment in social marketing deliver measurable results that contribute to your business goals.

Online Contest Management

Looking to engage an audience and grow your following? One of the best ways is to deploy campaigns integrating online contests. . Our team crafts effective contests to elicit audience actions that benefit your brand.

Helping businesses grow online, naturally.

The world is becoming increasingly complex and consumers are subjected to more marketing messages than ever before. Individuals dismiss one-off campaigns as white noise and are interacting with brands on their own terms. With the shift in today’s advertising, we are a partner that understands your audience, determines the context which they will consume messaging, and creates campaigns across multiple channels of media. Using this approach, we can ensure that your marketing is not only seen, but also acted upon – creating measurable results.

Let’s Make You Your Market Leader

Understanding effective digital marketing

Our digital marketing team uses audience data to determine the mix and frequency of media. Does your audience research your products and services prior to purchasing? Are they on a mobile device or at their desk? Are they focused on making a decision or just casually looking? These are just a few of the questions we research when putting together a campaign. Once determined, we integrate SEO, Paid Advertising, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media in order to capture the consumer early in the marketing funnel and guide them through a directed path.

We also consider what happens post conversion, keeping the customer engaged and connected to your brand through remarketing, automated drip emails, engaging content, and social campaigns. Effective Digital marketing is so much more than optimizing a page!

What Our Clients Say

  • “Since launching this new site, we have seen huge increases in overall site traffic, organic search results, mobile traffic and product revenues.”
    Sandy D'Elosua
    National Director of Marketing and Communications The Melting Pot Restaurants

Some Of Our Awards

Bayshore Solutions is an Ad-Age Top US Digital Agency Bayshore Solutions is a B2B Top Us Agency through the program's retirement in 2014 Bayshore Solutions is an Inc. 5000 firm for 6 of the past 8 years Bayshore Solutions is a US Chamber Top 100 Blue Ribbon Business
Addy Award Winning Website Designs by Bayshore Solutions American Business “Stevie” Award Winning Web Designs by Bayshore Solutions Summit International Award Winning Web Designs by Bayshore Solutions Webby Award Winning Website Designs by Bayshore Solutions