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What Is Digital Display Advertising?
Perhaps one of the most measurable forms of advertising available.

Online display advertising is one of the fastest growing channels of advertising and includes a wide variety of opportunities on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. One advantage of this media is the ability to target the digital ad space that your potential customers are encountering while at the same time serving relevant content according to their preferences. Advances in data and technology allow digital marketers to use advanced tools to segment audiences, deliver appropriate content, and provide their customers with highly qualified and measurable lead opportunities.

Digital display advertising allows you to choose where your ads appear and how much you spend. Bayshore Solutions’ digital marketers create specific display ad management strategies for your business to attract your buyers in the right stages of their journey, drive lead conversions, and maximize your online advertising ROI.

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Digital Advertising: From Evolution to Revolution

When display advertising first surfaced, many consumers and marketers alike were disappointed. As consumers, the first display ads we typically saw lacked relevance or value. As a result, many of us dismissed the display ads as unwanted and invasive – resulting in a negative first impression for the advertiser. Early-adopter advertisers were frustrated by poor conversion rates and many became doubtful of the future of display advertising. It would seem that investing in an advertising format that wasn’t engaging their audience didn’t make sense. Then, things changed. The technology curve caught up allowing us to target and connect with ideal prospects better than ever before.

Thanks to ad exchanges and real-time bidding, advertisers can choose to bid only on ad space that is relevant to them (based on the targeting criteria of the audience). In addition to this change in process, the introduction of more seamless advertising techniques such as native advertising and remarketing have helped to reshape the way people are seeing and engaging with online advertising content.

While display advertising is continuing to evolve for the better, all this change ultimately requires a learning curve. This is a curve that Bayshore Solutions has been at the top of since the beginning of paid advertising on the web. There’s a lot to be considered when planning to run a paid display campaign. Without a clear concept of what the right message is, how to implement, and how to measure – the methodology for success is difficult for many businesses outside of the agency world to consistently navigate. This is where Bayshore Solutions can help.

Digital Display Advertising Customer Success

  • 674% Growth in Paid Search Sourced Leads

    87% Decrease in Cost per Lead

    Coast Dental - SmileCare
    With over 180 locations, Coast Dental - SmileCare is one of the largest dental providers in the U.S.

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