Database and CRM Integration

Make Your Site Stronger, Better, and Easier with Database Integration

Integrating Database functionality and feeds as well as properly connecting CRM technology to your website is a pivotal differentiation for high-performance websites and effective delivery of leads and sales to a business.

Database facilitated enhancements to your website can be a simple as storing forms input, managing member access credentials, or displaying newsfeeds – to complex integration for up-to-the-second product inventory, currency exchange, estimate generation, “build your own” product configurator, or real-time flight tracking operations. There are often security and connection protocol concerns that add complexity to proper data integration.

When built right, these features appear seamless to your online audiences. They enable interactive functionality that truly distinguishes you from competitors by creating immersive, convenient, and customer-centric experiences on your website – and ultimately deliver sales and business results.

No matter what the scope of your website database integration needs, Bayshore Solutions has the capability and experience – over 20 years of building successful web functionality – to discover, design, and deliver the right website data integration for your business.

Put Bayshore Solutions Database Integration Expertise on Your Team

Web to Workflows with Zero Wait – through CRM Integration

Online business is happening at the “speed of the internet.” Stores are always-on versus the traditional Monday through Friday, 8-to-5 reality. Integrating your website with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform affords accuracy (eliminating manual re-input errors) as well as the critical competitive edge of instant and scalable efficiency.

With proper Website to CRM Integration:

  • Inbound lead information is transmitted in real-time to your appropriate sales staff
  • Strategic system information, lead source, demographic, and business data are passed immediately into your marketing intelligence systems
  • Custom-tailored Sales process workflows can be triggered automatically to actively, meaningfully nurture your leads and service your customer

This is exactly how customers expect to enjoy in-home delivery – inside 24 hours of products ordered at 11PM Saturday evening. Online stores and even BtoB companies with website, CRM, and workflow integration are beating their competition in today’s business environment by striving to meet these increasing demands.

Let our team of website and CRM integration experts connect you with the technology to drive your digital success.

Customer Success

  • 42% Growth in Website Conversion Rate
    Black Friday Sales Nearly Doubled Past Record Results
    Central Vacuum Stores
    Fortune 100 e-commerce retailer of vacuum parts, components and systems