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Effective Content Marketing Cuts Through the Noise

Let Bayshore Solutions’ team of content strategists and writers put together a content marketing plan that will win the hearts and minds of your audience.

We are bombarded with content every day. A coworker forwards a blog post about your industry. You download an e-book while researching new company software. A podcast murmurs in your ear – sharing useful tips for climbing the corporate ladder and achieving lofty business goals. The list goes on; content is unmistakably waiting for us in every channel, ready to be consumed. But to make it into our view, it needs to demand our attention. 

Creating content assets like blog posts, e-books and podcasts are an essential part of content marketing. But they are just one piece of a holistic content marketing strategy. If you're cranking out marketing assets today with no clear or documented strategy, you may be getting frustrated with your content marketing efforts, claiming they aren't contributing to your marketing goals. 

The answer? You need a team of dedicated content marketers to steer your ship of quality content strategy, creation and syndication. Hiring a content marketing agency that embraces and implements a robust content marketing strategy will ensure you're not just publishing content to have a voice, but that you're putting the right messages in front of the right audiences to inspire action.


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing includes a series of tactics aimed at creating useful, relevant information, in various forms, to attract and lead a specific audience to take a action. The best content inspires your audience by helping them solve a problem. 

Content marketing is different than traditional advertising because the message behind traditional advertising says, “Buy this product or service now because it’s the best.” While a content marketing asset says, “Here’s some information to help you decide if this product or service is right for your needs. And if it is, this is what you can do next.”  

As a content marketing agency with years of experience in content development, Bayshore Solutions uses the following steps when creating and implementing content marketing for clients: 

Number 1

Determine the Goal 
Like all business initiatives, you need to start out with a content marketing goal. Do you want to generate leads? Increase brand awareness? Enable your sales team? We help you pinpoint what it is you'd like to achieve with you content and then set out to ask "what is the best possible content we can create that will add the highest value to your target audience. 

Number 2

Knowledge Extraction 
The most successful content marketing agencies take time to extract information from stakeholders. Our content strategists host a series of interviews to discover your product or service’s strengths, what makes your company stand out from the competition, what you want prospective clients to know and how your company measures success. In-depth, thoughtful answers to these questions will help generate dynamic copy later in the process. 

Number 3

Competitor Research and Audit 
Taking a deeper dive into your competitors and the content they create helps us understand where we can stand out in the content creation process. During this time, we'll audit how often your competitors are publishing, what types of topics they cover and what position they take in their content.

Number 4

Audience Development 
Clearly defined target audiences and personas are an essential piece to every documented content strategy. At Bayshore we work with stakeholders in your company to identify your ideal buyer’s pain points, needs and expectations. The best personas are created based on research findings, stakeholder interviews and interviews with current customers. 

Number 5

Strategy Development 
This is where we bring it back to your goals. All the discovery work of understanding competitors, defining audiences and extracting knowledge informs your content marketing strategy. Your strategy will dictate what kind of content assets will be developed, the targeted personas for each piece and where to reach those personas on an ongoing basis.

Number 6

Many business owners and internal team members will try to take on copywriting, knowing what they want to write, but not being quite sure how to write it. That’s where copywriters shine. Copywriters won’t try to convince you they know everything about your business or industry. But they are inherently skilled at simplifying complicated information while still being persuasive. Our team of digital content writers will write about your brand, products or services in a way that engages, informs and converts prospective clients. 

Number 7

Syndication and Optimization 
Once a piece of content is written, we make sure it gets into the right hands by syndicating it on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, in addition to industry news publications. If the goal is for prospective customers to find your business through search engines, we will ensure the content is best optimized to be found through Google or Bing. 

Number 8

Analyzing and Reporting 
The final step is determining how the content asset is performing. At Bayshore Solutions, we use several tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot and DashThis, to measure the effectiveness of a content marketing strategy, then we make the necessary changes or improvements to further improve results. 

web dev

Types of Marketing Content

Short-Form Marketing Content


Blog posts can be considered long or short-form pieces of marketing content depending on the number of words and how long it takes the reader to consume the information. Most business-to-business and business-to-consumer blog posts fall into the short-form category and feature between 600 and 900 words. Blog posts should be timely, relevant and cater to readers who need quick information

Email Content 

Email copy needs to be short and to the point. A great email copywriter knows how to craft catchy email subject lines and email copy to encourage action like clicking or calling. Email marketing is an effective way of connecting readers with content marketing assets that move them towards making a decision to buy your product or service, while keeping your brand top of mind. 


Visuals help simplify complex ideas or multi-step processes. They can engage audiences and offer an alternative way of consuming information. When done right, an infographic works together with other content marketing assets, like a whitepaper, to keep readers engaged and eager to learn more. Bayshore Solutions uses our team of graphic designers to collaborate with content strategists when producing infographics. 


Like blog posts, videos can fit into the short or long-form category, but it’s best to keep videos between one and three minutes to cater to short attention spans. Before the video shooting and editing can take place, a content marketing strategy should be developed, and scripts need to be written. With more people getting their information from social media platforms, video is an effective way to captivate your ideal audience. 

Long-Form Marketing Content


E-books help readers take a deep dive into information and you can avoid the costs associated with traditional book publishing. This is the platform to provide thought-provoking ideas and expand on them. E-books let you go into detail more than you could in a blog post or video. 

Whitepapers and Reports 

Whitepapers and reports are especially effective in the business-to-business space. They normally are not as long as e-books and provide timely and relevant information. Whitepapers and reports tell the reader why they should care about a topic at this very moment. They should be informative, insightful and include design elements such as graphs, charts and images.

Website Pages 

Meet the needs of people who search for information online to solve a problem or make a purchasing decision. The copy on website pages (like the one you’re reading right now) needs to inform readers and let them know you are a trusted expert in your industry. Headlines, content modules and call-to-action buttons should be incorporated into the webpage. 


Speak to your ideal audience when they’re commuting, working out or in the office. Podcasts offer the unique opportunity to routinely entertain and connect with people interested in your brand or solutions. Like videos, content development and strategy need to take place before getting in front of the microphone. Most podcasts should last about 20 minutes per episode. 

Key Questions When Hiring a Content Marketing Agency

Hiring the right content marketing agency is one of the most important actions you can take for your business. With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which agency can best suite your needs. When vetting an agency for content marketing, ask the following questions:

  1. How long have you been providing content marketing services?
  2. Do you have more experience with business-to-business or business-to-consumer content creation?
  3. Will I be able to meet with the content strategists and copywriters assigned to my account? 
  1. Do SEO specialists and content specialists work together when developing strategy?
  2. What kind of research do you perform during the initial content marketing stages?
  3. What are your quality assurance procedures?
  4. Will I pay by the hour or by the deliverable? 

Content Marketing Red Flags

There’s no shortage of content farms, or content mills, in the world. These organizations normally focus on quantity rather than quality, producing massive amounts of content in attempt to appeal to search engine algorithms. You won’t see a lot of real strategic value come out of a content farm, and search engines actually penalize websites that employ these techniques. 

Here are some red flags that could point to a churn-and-burn content farm instead of a reputable content marketing agency: 

  1. You can’t speak to the copywriters or content strategists.
  2. Copy seems to be written by someone who doesn’t have an excellent grasp of the English language. 
  3. Content is usually short, about 300 words or less. 
  1. Content examples appear formulaic, like the writer was following a template.
  2. The price of content seems too good to be true. 

Marketing Content Serves as the Foundation to Success

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A solid content marketing strategy sets the foundation for the rest of your marketing efforts such as pay-per-click advertising, social media and email campaigns. Perform your due diligence to ensure the content marketing agency you hire is well-equipped to meet your expectations. 

Contact Bayshore Solutions today to learn more about our content marketing services. With full-time copywriters and content strategists, we’re eager to show you our work and hear how we can create a solid marketing foundation for your business. 


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