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Choosing the Right Email Marketing Services Agency

The Bayshore Solutions team is comprised of email marketing experts that strategically build campaigns to drive progress towards your goals.  

We take the time to understand your services, audiences and past performance to develop integrated solutions – think of us as a true extension of your team. A successful email marketing agency knows how to cut through the inbox noise (the average worker receives over 110 emails a day!) and grab the attention of your prospects and customers. It’s common for people who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable of the technicalities behind email marketing to make mistakes resulting in miscommunication with customers, missed opportunities and ultimately lost revenue for your company’s bottom line. It’s imperative to find a dedicated team of email marketers who know and use best practices throughout email strategy, design and implementation.

Since you’re interested in email marketing services, let’s dig into why email marketing is a key component in your digital toolset and how to find an email marketing agency partner that can take your strategy to the next level.

Why Email Marketing?

You've probably read about the "email is dead" naysayers who are convinced that a new product or tactic is overrunning email marketing. We’re here to tell you that the cynics are wrong – email marketing is very much alive and well. Here’s why. 

An email address can be viewed as an internet Social Security number (stay with us here). You need an email address to log into your social media accounts and favorite stores, apply for jobs, even receive important financial information. So, it’s a big deal when a contact chooses to share their email address with your company and it’s your responsibility to provide them with the best experience. The good news is, unlike other marketing channels, email is not managed by a third-party entity. You control the messages you send to build lasting relationships with your subscribers.

When a company has a well-developed, personalized email strategy, your subscribers will reward you. Year after year, email marketing has been proven to generate the highest ROI for marketers – $38 for every $1 spent. Using email platform metrics, along with website analytics, your email strategy can be continuously optimized for the best results. As the preferred medium to receive promotions and updates, email has a long history of stability and will always have a place in your digital strategy. 

We know…when we put it this way, it puts a lot of pressure on your company’s email marketing.

Lucky for you, there are email marketing agencies all around you that are ready to help! Let’s talk more about how you can prepare to find the right email service provider for your business.

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Core Components of Email Marketing Services

When an email marketing agency recommends services, they can usually be broken out into two main categories – Setup Services and Ongoing Services. The main difference between the two is simple. Setup services are the initial technical and creative groundwork to set the stage before launching your ongoing email strategy. The ongoing services are a continuous and transformative process using real-time data from your email campaigns to optimize performance. Here are some examples within each email services category:

Setup Services
  • Email Sending Platform Selection and Migration 
  • Template Design and Implementation 
  • List Clean Up and Segmentation 
  • Welcome Campaigns and Auto-Responder Emails 
  • Automated E-Commerce Campaign Development

Ongoing Services
  • Organic Email List Building 
  • Deliverability and Regulation Monitoring
  • Strategic Email Plans
  • Promotional and Newsletter Email Development
  • Performance Reporting and Optimization Plans

An email marketing service provider should perform an audit of your current campaigns to determine which of these services are the best fit for improving your email marketing. The final result will be an actionable plan to advance your company’s email marketing strategy and performance.

The Cycle of Email Marketing Optimization

It's easy to forget about an email once you hit send—but in all reality, that’s when the true work begins. Email sending platforms offer an overwhelming amount of data, and an email marketing agency should know how to make sense of the information.

Anyone can look at the open rate or click-through-rate of an email and see how it changed compared to previous sends – the true expertise comes when someone can explain why the metrics were impacted. Not only should an email marketing provider be able to identify why an email performed how it did, they can also develop plans to test the theory and positively influence future emails. 

Before developing an email strategy, past email performance metrics should always be evaluated to determine what worked, and what didn’t. A/B testing can be implemented to easily compare influential factors like days of the week, subject lines and CTA verbiage. 

Email marketing is extremely measurable and taking advantage of past metrics is a must. An email marketing agency should be prepared to discuss how they analyze email performance and use those findings to optimize future sends.

Key Questions When Partnering with an Email Marketing Provider

In the discovery stage with any email marketing service agency, there will be questions surrounding your current or previous efforts to improve your email strategy and performance. Here are some things you could start to think about, so you can prepare for the conversation.

  1. What email platform are you currently using?
  2. How large is your email list? Is it segmented?
  3. What types of emails do you send, and to what audiences? 
  1. How often do you send emails? 
  2. What is the performance of your current email campaigns?
  3. Do you have writing and design resources to commit to an email ongoing marketing strategy? 

Having the answers to these questions readily available during the discovery phase will help educate an email marketing service provider on your current efforts and in-house capabilities.

Are You Ready to Create Customer Relationships with Email Services?

When you’re ready to optimize your email marketing strategy, Bayshore Solutions will be here. However, you should know that we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach – the only thing we keep the same is delivering the right message to the right inbox. Let’s discover how our team of email marketing experts can create impactful email campaigns to meet your goals. 

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