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Finding the Right Social Media Management Agency

Bayshore Solutions' team of social media experts can help you manage your platforms and grow your business.  

Remember back in 2004, when Facebook (or TheFacebook as we knew it back then) started to become a thing? Never in a million years could we have imagined that this social media channel would become what they are today. There is no doubt that social media has single-handedly transformed how we communicate, consume media, follow trends, and more. But for brands, social media channels are an even bigger game changer because they provide real-time opportunities to reach audiences where they already spend a big chunk of their time. 

Today’s customer now relies on these platforms as a resource to find more information about a product or service they are interested in. For this reason, it is essential to have a cohesive social media strategy that really communicates the essence of your brand, while also engaging your audience, so you can grow your business.  

With time, social media platforms have proven that they are here to stay and businesses can’t ignore them. Knowing which platforms to use for your business can feel intimidating, but the truth is that with the right mix of channels and strategy, you can build an engagement with your audience like no other. 


How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for your Business

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – you name it. There are many options available, but does your business need to have a presence on all of them? The answer is: no! The first step to crafting your social media strategy is to make sure you understand your audience, where they are and how they use social media on a daily basis. For example, if your business is B2B, you should be putting most of your efforts into a platform like LinkedIn instead of Instagram. If you have a product targeted to consumers that can incorporate amazing visual content that will make people stop scrolling through their newsfeeds, then Instagram is the best option for you. 

Each channel has its own audience and purpose, and in order to see the results of your efforts, you need to make sure you are using them accordingly. Not having a presence on all platforms is OK! A trusted social media management agency will not try to convince you to put your brand on every platform; rather they'll evaluate the best opportunities based on your business goals.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Right Social Channel for Your Business:

  • Your goals and objectives for social
  • The purpose of each platform 
  • Where your competitors are active
  • Your team's availability to manage the platforms
  • Access to enough content to publish on each platform
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Why You Should Hire an Agency to Manage Your Social Media Platforms

Managing a social media channel for a business is more than just posting a few times a week and shouldn’t be handed off to an intern that has a “really good Instagram profile.” A social media profile for a business is very different from a personal account; it requires an understanding of your business goals and an ability to communicate to a variety of audiences. Making sure you have the best team handling your social media management is crucial to getting the results you want to see. 

Social Media Management Agency Services:

  • A dedicated team of social media strategists to manage all your platforms
  • Experience in a variety of platforms
  • Creating organic content in a variety of formats and optimizations
  • Community management to grow your platforms
  • Executing paid social media campaigns, with a cohesive strategy in place
  • Reputation management to ensure you're responding to customer feedback in a timely manner
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Questions to Ask Regarding Social Media Management Agency Services

When it comes to managing social media platforms, many claim to be experts. But when you're evaluating social media management agencies, ask these questions to understand the level of expertise they can provide:

  • Are they offering me a tailored social media recommendation for my business?
  • Do they have the variety of experts in place to create and execute solid organic and paid social strategies?
  • Are they offering monthly reports that show and track performance?
  • Do they have previous experience managing accounts similar to my business?

Are You Ready for Your Business to be More Social?

You decided that you’re ready to take your business’ social media presence to the next level, so what’s next? Connect with the social media experts at Bayshore Solutions for an initial conversation to discuss how we can help you do just that. Our experienced social media team is ready to audit your current platforms and put together the perfect solution for your business. 

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