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Dan’s Fan City

May 10, 2019, 10:08 AM
Title : Dan’s Fan City
CMS Platform : nopCommerce
Project URL :
Results Count Number (First) : 112%
Results Count Label (First) : Organic click increase for non-branded terms
Results Count Number (Second) : 71%
Results Count Label (Second) : Organic click increase for branded terms
Results Count Number (Third) : 26%
Results Count Label (Third) : Organic bounce rate decrease
Results Count Number (Fourth) :
Results Count Label Fourth :
Testimonial by :
Tagline : 112% Increase in Organic Clicks

Design, Development & Hosting
A powerhouse ecommerce website utilizing nopCommerce.

Digital Strategy, Creative & Content
SEO-focused to improve organic rankings.

Inbound Marketing
Increasing online sales.

Established in 1979, Dan’s Fan City is America’s largest independent ceiling fan retailer.  They manufacture their own brand of ceiling fans under the Gulf Coast Fans and TroposAir brand. Fan’s are sold through their own 44-Retail locations, select lighting showrooms and online through their website as well through Amazon and Home Depot. Their unique online fan builder allows user to design their own fan before purchase.

Dan’s Fan City’s challenge involved increasing their online sales. Most of their sales were done in the brick-and-mortar stores, but the online store sales were not keeping up. One major contributor to this was that their previous CMS was antiquated and did not support content customization and personalization. It was also missing other key features and, more importantly, a look and feel that would match the standards of today’s modern online shopping experience. Dan’s Fan City understood that as purchasing trends shift more and more to digital platforms, they needed to compete more aggressively in the online retail fan space.

Dan’s Fan City reached out to Bayshore Solutions because they had seen the Bayshore name in the Tampa Bay community (having been here for over 22 years) and knew of its expertise in the digital realm. Dan’s Fan City initially contracted Bayshore for SEO work and were so impressed with their work, they decided to use them to develop a full website rebuild, as well as a full digital marketing campaign.

After a careful analysis of Dan’s Fan City’s needs and goals, Bayshore concluded that the nopCommerce platform was the right one for the new website because of Dan’s Fan City’s large product catalog and large amount of customization that could be attributed to each product. The nopCommerce platform would allow Dan’s Fan City to edit content, pages, products, etc. with little difficulty.

Regarding the website, many custom elements and integrations were created including:

  • A sleek and easy-to-use custom fan builder plugin that allows users to design their own custom fans for purchase
  • Custom discount plug-in
  • Custom invoice tempates
  • Advanced e-commerce tracking that allows the site administrators to understand where buyers are in the buying process and how users are using the site. This data can be used to improve conversion rates
  • Integrations with PayPal, First Data and their inventory/warehouse system
  • Implementing a content delivery network (CDN) that ensures fast load times across the site no matter if a customer is browsing or completing a transaction

From a digital marketing perspective, an extensive SEO and metadata revamp was done to improve organic rankings on search engines. The site map was also updated so search engines could crawl the site easier. Also, many third-party landing pages were now able to be created within the Dan’s Fan City domain with the same previous functionality.

The updated website is now a reflection of a modern e-commerce store that would improve online sales. By choosing the nopCommerce platform, Dan’s Fan City has the ability to make changes to their extensive catalog with ease. The product offerings were now highly customizable and their full catalog can be accurately displayed to users.

With enhanced backed-end SEO, the site is seeing better search engine rankings and an increase in organic visitors. Also, the fan builder plugin is one of the best on the market and will help drive Dan’s Fan City online sales goals.

Categories :
  • Design
  • Development
  • Hosting
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
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