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Climate Adaptation Center

CMS Platform: WordPress

Content Strategy

Building belief in a cause and driving action

Website Build & Custom Forms

Starting from scratch for a new nonprofit

Website CMS Training

Empowering a team of two to manage their website

Client Brief
Climate Adaptation Center

Two climate scientists, retired from illustrious careers, decided to launch a nonprofit devoted to explaining climate change in ways that everyday people could understand. They sought to connect with private industry, government institutions and academia. Their efforts required a platform to share their expertise and seek financial support for their mission.


Starting from Scratch with a Willingness to Learn

The founders of the Climate Adaptation Center (CAC) entered the partnership eager to learn about website best practices and digital communication, in order to collect donations and share their vast knowledge. Since they were a brand new organization, they needed a lot of guidance on what their website should contain and how it could serve their goals. 

They approached Bayshore with big vision, but in need of a practical framework for how to realize it. A partnership based on trust was the critical basis of this project.


Roadmap to Results

Bayshore Solutions and the CAC became true partners. The teams got to know each other through roadmapping sessions and stakeholder interviews. Together, we agreed upon a sitemap, found a WordPress theme that met the criteria, and set about developing the website. We settled on the right plugins to build a donation form and collect contributions securely. CAC came to the table with a wealth of pre-written content and, together, we found the best way to organize it for a good user experience. Bayshore trained CAC in how to build and populate pages, and helped them understand the value of concepts like audience segmentation, SEO, and branding.


    A Celebrated Website Launch

    CAC launched their new website at a virtual launch party attended by their board members and supporters, and got their first gift through the donation form that day. After that, they got 31 additional donations in their first six weeks, for a total of nearly $3,000.

    Bayshore Solutions was proud to have inspired and educated CAC about how to get the word out about something they’re passionate about.


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