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Client Brief
Coverall - SEO & Content

Coverall is a trusted commercial cleaning franchisor with over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Since 1985, Coverall has helped thousands of people build commercial cleaning businesses using the Coverall brand, process and systems. Their comprehensive training and certifications as well as health-based cleaning methods, has made them a leading commercial cleaning franchisor.
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Coverall engaged Bayshore Solutions in 2018 to redevelop their website  The next step in the partnership was for the Bayshore team to manage Coverall’s digital marketing efforts. A major component to this was the management of their content and SEO strategy. From an SEO perspective, an important element of Coverall’s plan is their location-specific SEO strategy. This involved taking their core keywords and pairing them with geographical modifiers.



For content, the plan included a content calendar, keyword research, website copy, blogs, personas, social media and email marketing and that would tie back to their strategic business goals. Tactics for content optimizations include:

  • Creating a unique strategy for Coverall’s two audiences: Prospective franchise business owners and prospective commercial cleaning clients.
  • Content topic creation is based on pain points of their target audience and how Coverall can solve for them.
  • Copy is tailored based on targeted personas within each audience.
  • Content is adjusted based on the marketing channel in which it will be distributed (blog, email, social, website).
  • Email marketing tactics that tie back to the overarching content strategy.
  • Boosting social posts to further amplify their thought leadership.

For SEO, tactics include:

  • Using multiple variations for top keywords based on each geographical location, including keywords related to surrounding areas.
  • Strategic and unique content for each specific region (not just copied or cloned).
  • Syncing copy from these individual geographical pages to their local Google My Places listing. This synergy helps boosts their local SEO.

Another important part of the SEO strategy was keyword segmentation based on the two different audiences. The franchise audience was easier as most keywords contained the word franchise. For the commercial cleaning audience, more segmentation had to be done because the type of facility that would need cleaning was an important factor for Coverall. All in all, this robust SEO strategy encompassed location, audience, keywords AND facility type.

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Screenshot of Coverall website
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    With Bayshore Solutions as their trusted digital marketing partner, Coverall has experienced the following success in April-June 2019 compared to the previous 90 days:
    • 458% increase in organic clicks to their blog
    • 305% increase in organic impressions
    • 43 spot increase in average SERP position


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