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More than the sum of its parts

LED Technologies is a beauty and wellness company selling home light therapy devices.

Despite using a previous agency to produce blog content, social media, paid ads and email, they were not seeing results. LED Technologies partnered with Bayshore Solutions to address four areas of digital marketing using an integrated strategy:

  • Organic Social Media
  • SEO Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Digital Advertising
201% Y-o-Y sales increase
73% Q-o-Q increase in orders
135% increase in organic traffic
75% more conversions from Google Ads

Digital channels spinning their wheels

LED Technologies was getting traffic to their website, posting to Instagram daily, sending out regular email offers and running Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Yet, a small fraction of site visitors moved through the funnel and the sales were not justifying the cost of all that digital marketing. 

LED needed more qualified traffic to their website to grow their sales. They sought an agency that could provide a cost effective cross-channel digital strategy with actionable insights. The Bayshore Solutions team noted several immediate problem areas:

  • The Instagram account lacked brand consistency and used only stock photos
  • Most search traffic was coming from branded keywords
  • The buyer experience for email recipients was confusing and inconsistent
  • Their ads weren’t reaching the right kind of audience and were costing too much for what they returned

A holistic solution to boost sales

Each component of digital marketing — organic social media, SEO content, email and paid ads — contributed to the overall improved visibility and lead generation for LED Technologies.

Bayshore Solutions developed a social media strategy that balanced product-focused and educational content, using consistent colors and fonts. A community management strategy was implemented to respond to follower engagement.

New, authoritative blog content was based on questions Google users were asking. More medical and scientific information from credible sources helped to demonstrate the brand’s expertise. Informational copy added to give search engines more information about the product pages.

An audit of LED’s email platform, Klayvio, identified several tracking and user experience issues. A new master email template was designed and Google Analytics was employed to accurately track results. Cleaning up the email list saved LED money on their platform subscription.

A new Google Ads strategy built around tightly themed ad groups focused the investment towards the strongest opportunities. For both Google and Facebook, new ad messaging incorporated non-branded keywords and focused the investment where there was the strongest expected return.


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