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A retail store that buys and sells preowned luxury goods

Couture USA was founded in 2003 and has over 15 years of experience in buying and selling preowned luxury goods.

Whether you’re here to shop your favorite styles from designers like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, or to sell your own pre-loved possessions, Couture USA is committed to deliver exceptional customer service, and guarantee that your purchases are 100% authentic, 100% of the time.

272% PPC ROAS increase
30% decrease in PPC costs
16% PPC revenue increase

Developing a PPC campaign to drive quality traffic and optimize campaigns

Couture USA initially approached Bayshore Solutions for help with their SEO efforts.

During the discovery phase, the conversations switched from SEO to PPC as we uncovered that’s where their true pain point lay. Couture USA has a brick and mortar store but was experiencing an overall drop in sales on their website, with a significant drop in PPC revenue. They were previously working with a legacy agency that was not good at responding and communication was not open. Couture USA was spending over $5K on PPC advertising per month and the need for a responsive and experienced agency was apparent in helping to solve their online sales challenges.

A campaign designed to drive qualified traffic and increase revenue

Couture USA was impressed by Bayshore’s subject matter expertise in PPC, given the primary stakeholder is well-versed in it.

They also liked that we were a local agency that was quick to respond. The first step Bayshore set out to do was to clean up the PPC campaigns. The campaigns did not have negative keywords and there were campaigns set up for products that were not driving sales. Bayshore reconfigured most of the campaigns to be product-focused, prioritized those that had a higher value transaction and added negative keywords to better target users who were ready to buy (as opposed to general searches). The goal was to drive quality traffic and optimize campaigns based on the data that aligned with sales KPIs.  An essential piece of these and future optimizations is Couture USA’s involvement. Their perspective, industry knowledge and insight into sales from PPC help steer the strategic direction in which Bayshore moves forward.

With Bayshore Solutions as their trusted digital marketing partner, Couture USA now has a responsive partner that provides monthly reporting and in-person strategy meetings once a quarter.

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