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Easy Art Prints

CMS Platform: nopCommerce

  • Design and Development
    Consolidated, customized and plugin-friendly architecture through nopCommerce
  • Digital Strategy
    User-friendly layouts for easier navigation and simpler checkout
Screenshot of Easy Art Prints website homepage

Client Brief
Easy Art Prints

Easy Art Prints, an extension of Build A Sign, is the curated wall decor destination for people who love art. They bring high quality, affordable design solutions to those who care about their walls. From classic Impressionists like Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet to contemporary artists such as Silvia Vassileva and Beth Forst, their experts have hand selected each artwork to create an assortment of styles and artists that reflect the best canvas art prints in today’s market.

Screenshot of Easy Art Prints website showing best selling art prints
Screenshot of Easy Art Prints website showing list of artists and art print example
Screenshot of Easy Art Prints website listing multiple artists and an example of their work


Build A Sign encompasses a large variety of print websites, including Easy Art Prints, that offer print-based products such as shirts, signs, wood, etc. Easy Art Prints’ website architecture was outdated and needed an upgrade to a more professional look and feel. With the updated look, it also needed to enhance the buyer experience by improving navigation, making it easier to find products and seamlessly guide people to checkout.

Screenshot of Easy Art Prints website check out form

Easy Art Prints was utilizing one of three e-commerce platforms within the Build A Sign family of websites. This was a challenge to manage multiple back-ends and a consolidated choice of platform was needed. Therefore, Easy Art Prints’ website also needed to be moved to the chosen e-commerce platform that would be used on all Build A Sign’s websites.


nopCommerce was chosen as the consolidated platform. Its customization features, ability to track orders easily and payment handling options were exactly in line with how Build A Sign envisioned selling their art prints. This was a very large project, starting with Easy Art Prints, and Build A Sign knew they needed a very experienced partner in nopCommerce to accomplish their goals. After extensive research, they decided to go with Bayshore Solutions because they were the most experienced with the platform. It was a wise decision given Bayshore Solutions is a top nopCommerce partner in the U.S.
An out-of-the-box template was chosen as a base for the new website. Bayshore Solutions then worked on customizing the design of the template within the nopCommerce environment. Choosing a template allowed for the new Easy Art Prints website to enter the market quicker while still allowing for the customization they needed to achieve their design goals.

Art print of a horse in field and art print of a flower close up

Bayshore Solutions also built a custom product importer for Easy Art Prints, given the site sells thousands of products that translate to hundreds of thousands of variations based on the options available for each product.  This resulted in a seamless migration from the old platform to the new and improved nopCommerce build.

Art print of an eagle on black background
Art print of astronaut in space with American flag
Art print of a blue beta fish on black background


    By consolidating their multiple platforms into nopCommerce, Build A Sign can now manage their websites like Easy Art Prints with ease. Partnering with Bayshore Solutions provided them with a team of nopCommerce experts that executed on all their development and design needs for Easy Art Prints and created a model for migrating all their other sites.

    The custom importer developed by Bayshore was a tremendous help and because of nopCommerce’s plugin-friendly architecture, additional plugins can be created to enhance the website without breaking any of the core code.

    The new layout of Easy Art Prints is more user-friendly, easier to navigate and simplified the checkout process.  The successful launch of Easy Art Prints is paving the way for the migration of all of Build A Sign’s websites in the future.


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