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Embarc Collective

CMS Platform: Wordpress

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Client Brief

Embarc Collective

Embarc Collective is a nonprofit organization that helps Tampa Bay's startup talent build bold, scalable, and thriving companies. The model behind Embarc Collective's offering is hands-on and driven by the specific goals and needs of each startup being supported. Member companies receive customized, on-going coaching from their assigned Executive Advisor, an experienced startup operator serving on the Embarc Collective team, and function-specific support from Embarc Collective's on-staff specialists.



As a brand-new initiative and concept in Tampa Bay, Embarc Collective needed a website to educate consumers, showcase their services and attract startups. They worked with a reputable vendor to come up with a strong brand concept and presence, but now needed a partner to bring that concept to life in the digital space. The creation of the website was paramount to their business needs and therefore the project had a tight timeline for completion.



Embarc Collective came to Bayshore Solutions because they wanted to work with someone locally to bring their vision to life, given the mission of the brand and their growth pattern in Tampa Bay. They first partnered with Bayshore for the initial roadmap that outlined the strategic plan to get to their end goal. Embarc Collective were very impressed with the outcome and how the roadmap allowed them to understand the full scope of the project before it even began. They were also impressed with the Bayshore’s team approach. There were developers, project managers and digital marketers providing input on how this project could be developed very step of the way.

With a strong foundation in place after the roadmap, the full website project kicked off. Based on the brand guidelines Embarc Collective brought with them, the Bayshore content team were able to put a voice to the face and created content outlines for each page that aligned with their target audience. From a design perspective, hi-fidelity wireframes were created to show the layout of the website before it was developed. This was also done for mobile since the website was being created as a “mobile first” platform.


To adhere to Embarc Collective’s tight timelines, an agile and phased approach was taken which streamlined the project while prioritizing pre- and post-launch items. For the CMS of the website, WordPress was chosen. As a startup themselves, Embarc Collective strategically chose this platform because it would help illustrate that there are tools available for startups that can provide amazing end-results without significant cost. They strategically invested every dollar overall to be their own case study on how to yield big results from smaller budgets.

Bayshore also helped Embarc Collective with integrating HubSpot into their new website. HubSpot would be used as their CRM and marketing automation tool to further their digital marketing efforts.



By partnering with Bayshore Solutions, Embarc Collective gained a modern and sleek website that includes:

  • Unique page layouts designed with vibrant brand colors and varying text styles
  • Subtle parallax elements and micro-interactions to visually engage audiences
  • Content strategy geared towards their startup audience
  • Integration with HubSpot as a CRM and marketing automation tool


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