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Florida Funders

CMS Platform: HubSpot

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and Google Remarketing

Email Series
Seven weekly emails linking to video testimonials and other compelling content

Gated Content
Two long-form assets, a guide and a whitepaper
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Client Brief
Florida Funders

A cutting edge, Tampa-based investment firm that connects Florida’s top investors with its most promising tech startups.
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Florida Funders came to Bayshore Solutions ready to take their business to the next level. 
In business since 2013, the small team at Florida Funders found themselves at a critical juncture in early 2019. They were about to double their portfolio of Florida-based tech startups, and it was absolutely necessary that they scale their list of SEC accredited investors to match. 

Believing they had tapped out their personal networks, they needed a state-wide reach, integrating multiple communication channels and sophisticated enough to target this coveted niche audience.


A campaign designed to generate qualified leads
The resulting campaign required deep expertise in several different areas of digital marketing. First, Bayshore Solutions migrated Florida Funders’ data from a disorganized marketing stack to HubSpot, where they could track prospects with efficiency and precision.

Then, a marketing campaign was designed to engage accredited investors and provide them with valuable information designed to nurture them along the path to involvement with Florida Funders.

Ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google invited users to download one of two long-form content assets, one targeting seasoned tech investors and one targeting those new to tech startups.

Downloading an asset added the prospect’s email address to the CRM, spurring seven weekly emails, which contained:

  • Video testimonials from investors and startups
  • Podcast interviews with seasoned investors and entrepreneurs
  • Blog posts with meaningful investment information
  • One of two longform guides, depending on the recipients’ previous download history
  • “Smart content”: Event invitations that the CRM tailored to the recipients’ geographic location
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    Target audience successfully engaged
    Previously, Florida Funders had gained two to three new leads per month; during this four-month period they recieved 66 as a direct result of the workflow.

    In addition, the longform assets were downloaded 470 times as a direct result of the ad campaign.

    The HubSpot CRM notified Florida Funder’s sales team whenever a new lead should be contacted, and continues to track customer life cycle and provide efficiencies in workflows.

    • 66 qualified leads


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