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MedStar 911

CMS Platform: Wordpress

Site Design and Development
A WordPress theme customized to MedStar911’s branding

New Sitemap
Streamlined and consolidated the sitemap for better user experience

Custom Development
Formatted data collection and workflow for third party payment processing

Client Brief
MedStar 911

A Multi-Purpose Website
MedStar 911 is the largest provider of EMS services in the Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas area. Another ambulance company with a similar business model, who also works with Bayshore Solutions, referred them.

Their site allows patients to download forms, schedule routine pick-ups and drop-off, and pay bills. It also provides information about first aid education events and training that MedStar911 offers in the community.


Outdated and Disorganized
MedStar911 had a hard coded HTML site that couldn’t easily be updated by the team, so management responsibilities fell to their director of IT. The arrangement created a bottleneck for making website improvements e, since it wasn’t technically part of the IT person’s job.

While MedStar911 was happy with their website content, it was not well organized. The look of the site was sorely outdated, and it was not mobile friendly. The company needed a website redesign to demonstrate their up-to-date medical expertise to earn the public’s trust.


Streamlined and Consolidated
Bayshore Solutions recommended and used a WordPress theme that they customized to MedStar911’s branding. They streamlined and consolidated the sitemap and navigation to ensure that a visitor can easily find what they need. A visitor now can smoothly register for upcoming workshops, pay a bill, apply for a job, or browse the blog for useful health tips. The improved website architecture also helps for search engine optimization.

Because MedStar911 handles personal medical information, it’s critically important that they comply with HIPAA and maintain a secure website, so Bayshore Solutions kept that in mind with the new design. The new website has an SSL certificate, secure patient portal, and other security measures.



    Eye-Catching and Mobile Responsive
    MedStar911 launched their new, eye-catching, mobile responsive site to coincide with the rollout of a new billing system. The site looks and flows much more smoothly, and multiple people within the company are able to share the task of making updates. The project even came in under budget!


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