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Men's Liberty

CMS Platform: Wordpress

Design, Development & Hosting
A new website aligned to its target audience.

Digital Strategy, Creative & Content
Creating a lifestyle brand to evoke feelings of freedom.
Screenshot of Men's Liberty website showing a man paddling on surfboard in the water

Client Brief
Men's Liberty

Men's Liberty, an alternative to the traditional external catheter for men produced by BioDerm Inc., is a patented and proprietary, life-changing solution with more than three million used worldwide. It ends dependency on adult diapers, pads and condom catheters, making an embarrassing problem become insignificant and dramatically reducing, if not eliminating, the chance of infection. Men's Liberty is the next generation male incontinence product and will immediately give men back their freedom, mobility, confidence and masculine vitality.
Screenshot of Men's Liberty website showing group of people laughing and drinking together
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The previous Men’s Liberty website was outdated and in need of a redesign to better market the product. BioDerm Inc. was also looking to shift the branding of their product to create a lifestyle brand. The user experience also needed to be optimized, given their target market is older and responds best to an easy-to-use interface. But the biggest challenge the Men’s Liberty website faced was that it lacked the ability to buy the product directly on the site. The website generated leads but visitors could not purchase the product on it. BioDerm Inc. needed help in solving these pain points for its Men’s Liberty product and give users a feeling of freedom when they visited the website.

Screenshot of Men's Liberty website showing two people driving in car and laughing
Screenshot of Men's Liberty website


BioDerm Inc. partnered with Bayshore Solutions to update the branding and online presence of Men’s Liberty. For the website itself, WordPress was chosen as the CMS platform because it was the solution that would best integrate with their SAP enterprise solution. For branding, design elements were created on a larger scale while messaging was streamlined and condensed to be more clear and concise. This design and messaging approach was meant to evoke feelings of freedom for visitors while explaining the lifestyle that what could be adopted by using Men’s Liberty.

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Screenshot of Men's Liberty website showing Starter Bundle product
Screenshot of Men's Liberty website Our Solution page
Screenshot of Men's Liberty website showing design of box modules that drive to specific pages
Screenshot of Men's Liberty website
Screenshot of Men's Liberty website showing thank you screen after user purchased product
Screenshot of Men's Liberty website showing Starter Bundle product
Screenshot of Men's Liberty website showing related products module


    The new website is now an e-commerce one, filled with a variety of conversion paths and call-to-actions that intuitively guide users throughout the website. Visitors can order Men’s Liberty online and there are even forms to allow customers to start the process of getting their purchase covered by insurance.

    Between the new website and re-branding, BioDerm Inc. can communicate the benefits of Men’s Liberty more directly to their target audience, make this life-changing product easier to purchase, and the website design is engaging and educational.


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